11 Famous Hollywood Actors Speaking Japanese — 12 Comments

  1. LOL. That was pretty funny. You can tell some of them just weren’t even trying. :P What the heck was going on during the Arnold Schwarznegger commercials. I have no idea.

  2. Harrison Ford did a “Series” commercial run for Kirin beer. 1. On the airplane going over, he asks the attendant for a beer. She tells him “Oh Mr. Ford, you need to say ‘Kirin bieru-wo kudasai.'” He does and she approves. 2. In Japan, he goes to a yakitori-ya for food. As he walks in, two Japanese TV personalities see him and say–‘Oh~! Isn’t that Harrison Ford???!!'” He goes to the guy behind the food counter and says “Kirin bieru-wo kudasai.” The counter guy turns to his fellow and says “Bieru-wo ippon!” (One bottle of beer–apparently Kirin is all they serve). Ford knows that’s different from what he asked and is concerned. The counter man tell him not to worry, it’s okay (in Japanese), and hands him the Kirin bottle supplied by his coworker. There are two more in the series. And yes, Steven Seagall is a fluent Japanese speaker with a Japanese son and a daughter by his ex-wife, who is Japanese. He learned Japanese while earning a black belt in Aikido or Jiujitsu in Japan. I saw him in interviews on Japanese TV.

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