16 Japanese Sports Names You’ve Never Heard Of — 10 Comments

    • Avoidball at least makes sense. I can’t figure the angle they were going with for the emission kanji.

      • Clearly the intent of emissionball is to emit the ball to the other side. Oddly enough it’s the first time I’ve ever heard of gateball though.

    • The American football is called a football because the ball is 1 foot long. Well technically it’s 0.91 foots, but you know, the naming was probably done by a guy, specifically someone who works at subway (笑).

    • Then we would have to rename サッカー to 演技球 because its really about which team can fake being injured the best.

    • To be fair, I think “hand egg” should be called “armored rugby” because that’s what it actually is.

  1. Only one I got was 排球、thanks to ハイキュー‼︎ (^o^)
    The main characters all have 烏野高校排球部 on the back of their warmup jackets.

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