Reading Practice through Twitter — 10 Comments

  1. Nice article! Any suggestions on people to follow?
    I wanted Iida Kaori from Morning Musume but haven’t found hers yet.

    • I have a lot of suggestions, but stay tuned for those, which are coming soon.

      In the meantime, while Iida Kaori doesn’t seem to have a Twitter account yet, there are two hashtags for her name (#飯田圭織 and #IidaKaori). The people who use it are obviously fans of hers and thus you may want to follow (and become friends with) them.

      Although nothing may beat reading her tweets for you, interacting with her other fans may come close.

  2. I follow a lot of technology related people: kotaku,Gizmodo,tabroid just to name a few. There are also a lot of Japanese vloggers have twitter accounts

    • Thanks for sharing! Part of what makes Twitter great for language-learning is that accounts often focus on just one topic. So if you know what you like, as you seem to, you can easily find accounts tweeting on that (and only that).

    • Twitterbots can be dangerous in that a few of ’em posting frequently can hog up your entire Twitter stream, but I love the bots dedicated to my favorite shows and books. Would be interested in what bots you like if you have time to share.

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