4 Japanese Phrases That Will Make You Hip (And Hated By Adults) — 10 Comments

  1. According to my friends, I over use “like” when I talk, but I don’t even realize it.

    Also turns out that I use みたいな a lot too, like, A LOT. I don’t even try to, it just comes out. I haven’t really used 的には in the non-correct way, but it’s slipped a while.

    I guess I’m already half way to being a hipster.

  2. Sweet, time to troll some Youtube comments with 俺的にはさ、このおもしろいっぽいビデオがまじうけるんですけど、みたいな

    What about saying やばい (like in the sense of cool, awesome) all the time?

    • Troll to your heart’s content.

      Yup, repeated use of やばい will definitely earn you some enemies. Make sure to mix in やべぇ and やばっ. Also add a すげぇ before it for added hip emphasis.

  3. I never knew when my Japanese teacher taught us 私的には that she was teaching us to be delinquents!! (‘o’)

    She did tell us to only use it in casual situations. She’s the kind of professor who really cares about teaching us the proper way to say things, and in fact disagreed with Genki about ~たらどうですか? and preferred us to learn ~たらいかがですか? So I’m surprised.

    I used it for quite a while until I learned other ways to express my opinions, and then it kind of faded. I think because I didn’t hear it being used much around me, I just sort of forgot about it.

  4. If you want to be hated by your friends as well, you can’t forget 激おこぷんぷん丸.

    For the extra curious, here’s the full chart, for those times when 激おこぷんぷん丸 is either too strong or not strong enough.

    Thanks, Nico Nico Pedia

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