4 Supernatural Stories That You Wouldn’t Mind Experiencing Yourself — 14 Comments

  1. Yay supernatural and fantasy books are my favourite. Could you make a list about fantasy books next? Is there anything like Harry potter/game of thrones level of popularity in Japan?

    Also, I’d really love a top 5: Adam’s favourite books of all time. In fact I’d love one of those for movies, books, anime, manga etc. Though I know people hate having to whittle down all the stuff they’ve consumed over the years into 5, it can be done! Besides, it’d only be taken as your opinion at the exact moment of writing the article, so we wouldn’t be able to hold it against you ;P.

    • I guess I don’t read that much fantasy, which is why there is not much on it here. But if I find anything that sparks my interest, I may get around to reading more.

      As for a favorites, anything that makes these lists, I have personally read and enjoyed (same goes for every genre of media). A lot of what I read doesn’t make it to the site, because I don’t enjoy writing about what I didn’t like myself.

      Probably my favorites are the 夢を叶えるぞ and 悪夢 series I’ve written about here.

  2. i’m sure i can’t even read it yet but wanted to try and went to make an JP account for amazon but was shocked it told me i couldn’t give them moneys because of copyright restrictions…….
    take my money dammit

    • I don’t know if it will help for this particular book, but I have successfully used my existing Amazon account to purchase from My address and credit card is Danish however.

    • Hmm that is strange. It should work with any standard credit card. Unless some books have restrictions I’m not aware of.

    • I actually use my US/UK Amazon account (I don’t remember which one I started with) on Amazon JP – it works with the same login and password. It should not be necessary to create a new Amazon account for Amazon JP.

      • i thought so to but it didn’t work :( i might try again later
        might be handy to say i am trying to get the kindle version not the paper version.

        • Maybe you have to make a Japanese account with a separate email and put in a Japanese address. You can add your real address later if you want physical merchandise. That’s what I ended up doing. I use my U.S. credit card to buy kindle books all the time off Amazon JP (with a Japanese account) and it works just fine. There are guides online to help with setting it all up.

          Sometimes I had to use a vpn/proxy because it would say I was trying to pay from outside Japan but usually I can just 1-click purchase books without any issues.

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