5 Addictive Japanese YouTube Cartoons for Toddlers (and Maybe You) — 5 Comments

  1. Good recommendations. My daughter (nearly 3) loves baby bus and we’ve listened to Super Simple in jp and en since she was very little.

    If you’ve ever come across Paw Patrol…. you can watch a few episodes on youtube in jp. All the series are on Amazon Prime but only japan… (not sure if account and/or VPN is required, I’ve not tried!).


    My daughter is pretty obsessed with it in english and we’ve ended up buying a bunch of toys for her. I took a chance on showing her the Japanese version and it’s been great to see her enjoy it just as equally as in her main language.

    If you’ve got Netflix, I would also highly highly recommend Go! Go! コリー・カーソン in japanese. You can watch all the episodes in japanese without VPN (at least you can here in the UK), which I was over the moon about. The episodes are quite short (5mins~) but theres 4 seasons, and the content is just really nice easy fun watching. There are 3 or 4 “specials” which are 15-20 mins long, and all bar 1 are also in japanese.

    And finally that just reminded me. You can also watch some of Octonauts films in Japanese on Netflix. There are 3 IIRC. The series are only in english here in the UK, but I was happy to see the films available in Japanese.

    It’s frustrating trying to find Japanese content when most of it is blocked by regional rights, especially when that same content is available in english and they just aren’t making the Japanese language available.

    • Ah awesome – thanks so much for the content recommendations!

      I just checked out Go! Go! コリー・カーソン and I can tell instantly that my son will love it (any animated cars doing cute things are a win). I can’t get Amazon Prime JP to work with a VPN, but that’s cool that they have some JP Paw Patrol episode on YouTube. And the Octonauts films look great.

      Yeah, I wish the Japanese version was available for everything :) DisneyPlus has been getting a little better on allowing Japanese Dubs. But Amazon Prime absolutely refuses it…

  2. I remember seeing a dub of Sesame Street some time ago on YouTube. Maybe that’ll work as well? I’m not a father (yet?), but I’ll keep these in mind for if/when the time comes.

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