4 Books That Everyone Used To Talk About — 7 Comments

  1. I’ve heard about the legend of Train Man! I’d like to read that one day.
    I’d heard about 1 litre of tears too, but never really knew what it was about. That sounds so sad. I think I’ll try to read it…get some Japanese practice, and a reminder that life is precious.

  2. 1Q84 got a lot of buzz in the US, and I think in Japan as well. Can’t say I’ve read it though, and I’d imagine it’s pretty difficult (sadly I can’t find a sample online).

    • Yes, for a while, no matter what Japanese bookstore you went to they would be lined up everywhere. I haven’t read it either but have heard good things.

      I also can’t seem to find a sample. It’s weird what the online bookstores decide to provide 試し読み for and what they don’t.

  3. 1リットル is two stars? Man, you’re making me feel bad about my Japanese, lol. I can read it, not without a lot of dictionary use, though. It feels like I’m gonna be an old lady by the time I get through the 250+ pages!

    (Seriously though, I feel like 2 stars is about right)

    I want to give it a shot, because I enjoyed the drama, as much as you can enjoy something with such subject matter. I’m expecting to bawl my eyes out for the second time.

    • I think the book level varies greatly since there is medical talk (which is higher than 2 stars). But I think for the most part it averages around 2.

      Good luck with it. It’ll be worth it when you complete it!

  4. I am so damn surprised no one mentioned Wish granting elephant. Damn that book was good. After reading that book I got hooked on reading in Japanese. Read all of his work, and went on to similar authors.

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