5 Manga With Ambitious And Unstoppable Heroes — 7 Comments

  1. The Sword Art Online manga looks really interesting. I loved the anime so I thought I would pick up the light novels but the levels are completely different. I gave SAO a three star for the ranking but the light novels would probably be a high four. So in other words I can’t read it. That was mostly because of the narration rather than the dialogue so this manga should be much easier.

  2. Hmm, Daily Rock and Big Order sound pretty good. Especially Big Order because I love DMC. I’ll have to have a look into them later. I have such a big backlog of manga I’ve bought to read already though xD

    • *Especially Daily Rock, rather, lol.

      Also I read up on Big Order and noticed it’s by the same author as Mirai Mikki, and then lost all interest, haha.

    • There is only one solution to a backlog of manga!

      It probably won’t change your mind but I didn’t like 未来日記 but liked Big Order.

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