5 Manga You Won’t Be Able To Stop Laughing At — 16 Comments

  1. アフロ田中 and すごいよ!マサルさん were manga I enjoyed. デトロイト・メタル・シティ was the first manga I saw and was like “Oh no! No furigana!” but tried it anyway and was surprised at how relatively easy it was.

    • Afro Tanaka is coming up on a future manga post!

      And it’s good to keep in mind that just because it doesn’t have furigana, doesn’t mean it is necessarily more difficult.

  2. Yay! Manga reviews!
    I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of these before…I thought I was pretty well-versed in comedy manga. Thanks for the recs!

    I love 銀魂 but the abundant text and heavy use of slang make it too difficult for me to really read and enjoy in Japanese right now…same goes for ハチミツとクロバー. But NGライフ is one of my favorite gag mangas I’ve ever read in English, and re-reading it now in Japanese is pretty easy (2 stars, if that) and it still cracks me up. I highly recommend NGライフ as a high-energy, hilarious romantic-panic-comedy manga for beginners, or anyone in need of a laugh!

    • Expect many more coming up in the near future! Thanks for adding the additional recommendations.

  3. I love these types of articles, will definitely be picking up at least 2 of these this week when my iPhone gets here. My screen is too cumbersome to read manga on ATM so I’ve been sticking to books and drama

    • I read manga from my iPhone 5, and never felt it a strain (though zooming is required). If you are getting the iPhone 6 (especially the plus), I’d assume it will be even much better.

      • yeah the zooming gets to me after a while, and I read on ibooks so every page is a 2 page spread? Which works great for ipad, where you can just click the side of the screen and it jumps to the next page. But when you’re zoomed in the whole time it can be a real pain. Reading on my ipad is such a joy (but I don’t always have it with me). Yeah, I got a plus, that extra screen real estate should get it close enough to ipad territory. I guess my problem is more with furigana. Though it’s probably better if I can’t read them, considering I’m reading furigana’less books.

        I love in ibooks how you can highlight words and define them in the monolingual dictionary. It’s helped me out so much with the one deck too because I’m able to highlight/define words within definitions and example sentences. It’s a really fantastic feature that has made me review on my phone over my desktop, which I used to prefer. Though I must admit, I’m too lazy to branch. This has helped me avoid that somewhat! Doesn’t work for branches within branches, though.

  4. そらのおとしもの(☆☆) is hilarious if you don’t mind ecchi comedies. The use of chibi forms always has me cracking up.

    • Added! Maybe I should include some kind of asterix for ecchi comedies for people who don’t want to see them.

    • I just recently saw that 我妻さんは俺のヨメ(☆☆)(My Wife Is Wagatsuma-san) is ending soon so I picked it up and it is absolutely hilarious.

      It’s about a guy in high school who suddenly starts slipping back and forth 10 years into the future, at the most random times, where finds out he’s married to the prettiest girl in school. All the awkward situations caused by the time slipping, or just goofing around with his friends, are very funny.

  5. Great article, I feel an order forming!..
    This also explains why I found テルマエロマエ to be a bit too complicated when I first tried it many levels ago.
    For fans of Naruto & silly humor, I would highly recommend:
    ロック・リーの青春フルパワー忍伝 (Spring Time for Rock Lee, The Full Power Legend)((Official translation seems to be: Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals 0_O.. )) It’s all about Rock Lee and his ever losing battle with coolness. There is also an anime!

    • I find non-action series like the above read slower, which make them last longer (less pages of nothing but action scenes). So it’ll be worth it.

      Yes, テルマエロマエ is not easy! But once you can enjoy it, it is so worth it.

  6. I love the DMC anime so I guess trying the manga would be a good idea. Only 10 volumes, so it shouldn’t dent the wallet too much. Thanks for the recommendations~~

    • Buy it! It’ll be worth it. I enjoyed the manga more than the anime. A lot of great parts didn’t make the anime cut.

  7. For anyone interested. There are some free mangas/books being given away on iTunes, including One Piece and Dragon Ball z episode 1, both in colour!

    • Man, I have never thought of Vomics being publicly available on youtube as an immersion tool. These are even pacier than video game graphic novels. So cool. Think I’ve just found a new study partner.

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