5 YouTubers you Should be Learning Japanese with — 15 Comments

  1. Great post! Another thing about YouTube comments, it helps prepare you for reading other comments like Amazon reviews so that you know what is a good book and such. I’ve had many conversations with Japanese YouTubers and have made some friends as well. Definitely a good way to make connections!

    One recommendation from me! TBS’s Anabatsu! Extremely hilarious internet variety show!

    Here’s an example:

  2. I was just casually looking through this post and opened up the first video where I was blown away at how fast he was talking. Before long I was also blown away at another thing… I had pretty much 100% understanding of what he said.

    Yay for small victories :)

  3. What I really like about Chika’s videos is that the 10-20% English keeps me from getting totally lost without undermining the challenge of trying to make out what she’s saying like sentence-for-sentence English subtitles or direct Japanese subtitles would. Also, I’ve found that it gets really dull translating language resources, even while that would be the optimal thing to try reading. Last year, I tried to read niwasaburoo cover to cover, sending every unfamiliar word to Anki, but the experience was just too dry and boring compared to visual novels, light novels, or games. Chika gives the advantage of language-learning from language-learning resources while keeping the experience fun and interesting.

  4. Does anyone know a channel that makes videogame parodies of any kind? Back in the day when I got the internet and started my English immersion adventure, those were my primary source of entertainment on YouTube. So I would like to do the same with Japanese.

  5. Japanese Ammo with Misa! She’s fun, creative and a very talented teacher. She really gets and targets what English speakers learning Japanese struggle with. She comments a lot on the different levels of politeness, so you learn different nuances just by listening to her – she always packs her lessons with handy chunks of actual, casual Japanese you would frequently use with your friends. Very beginner friendly! Plus v cute and funny :)

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