6 Manga That Will Bring A Big Smile To Your Face — 11 Comments

    • I don’t know that site specifically but usually sites with a 立ち読み next to their purchase button are legitimate. The 立ち読み sample varies depending on the site. Sometimes it is a few pages, sometimes it is a nice portion, sometimes it is even an entire volume.

  1. いっしょに屋根の上 ねこまき is a good one to read. It’s about two cats that are brothers and their daily lives. It’s in 大阪弁 I believe, so I’d put it at ☆☆ for the reading level if you’re not familiar with it. The written accent isn’t too heavy.

  2. PSA: The LINE manga app has both free currently serialized manga series and free to read volumes of longer series that change every week.

  3. No-one has scanlated “The Japanese The Japanese Don’t Know” as far as I can tell, so I’ve been having a go, with my basic Japanese. Have done about five pages so far. Would love some help with the Japanese idioms.

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