7 Romance J-Dramas Showing The Power Of Love — 21 Comments

  1. I’m definitely going to take a closer look at this list later when I get the chance! This is exactly my kind of media list (^_^) <3 <3 <3

    Only one I've seen is snippets of Orange Days. Even though I've been studying Japanese Sign Language for many years now and have seen many dramas with signed Japanese in them, I haven't actually watched the entirety of this one!

    Just for any onlookers out there, keep in mind that most dramas using sign language are actually using signed Japanese, rather than the sign language a lot of Japanese Deaf people use, Japanese Sign Language. There are also sometimes misinformation about deafness and Deaf culture in these dramas, such as being able to sign in situations one normally wouldn't be able to, such as in a very dark room. The actors are also very rarely actually deaf, and the one in this one isn't, so it's more like how when we watch non-Japanese speakers play Japanese roles in our non-Japanese movies. Considering all this, the plots are still gooshy and I can't get enough of them! And you can still pick up useful signs from them. I learned a lot of my first signs from these dramas, and was inspired to learn, as many are, from dramas in the first place.

    The most accurate film to watch if you're interested in sign language is Yuzuri Ha. It's a really great movie! The director is deaf and the deaf characters are played by actual deaf actors. A must have for people learning JSL!

    Sorry for the ramble! Will let you know if I end up watching any of these and what I think!

  2. That’s really cool to learn, I didn’t know there was a fictionalized sign language for television. I couldn’t tell you if they use official JSL or not in Orange Days, but without giving up spoilers, one of my favorite scenes does involve that example of sign limitations you mentioned. In fact, that was the point when my thoughts changed from, “ah, school time drama with a neat gimmick” to “oh, oh wow.”

    • Oh, it’s not exactly a fictionalized sign language! They use a form of sign language that copies Japanese grammar and nuances, used to communicate more easily with hearing people not fluent in JSL. While JSL has its own grammar and nuances as a separate language.

      Orange Days uses signed Japanese, not JSL.

      Even so, seems like a great drama! It’s very popular in Japan too!

      • But, at the same time, I believe Sei is a late signer, right? She became deaf later in life, so it’d make sense that she used signed Japanese instead of JSL, since she grew up knowing spoken Japanese.

        • Ahh. I don’t think the show ever mentions there being a difference, they always just refer to it as “手話”. The backstory for some of the characters being able to sign is because they studied it as part of a degree requirement, so I would’ve assumed they’d have been taught the more official form.

          But then looking at Wikipedia, apparently Signed Japanese is taught in favor of JSL in schools?? Now I’m extra confused!

          • Yup, that’s right! Long, long topic there about opression, and a lot of deaf schools in Japan don’t even allow sign language in school and focus on teaching lip reading and speech.

            It’s the same a lot of places in the world too.

  3. I’m a sucker for romance J-dramas. I haven’t watched any of these but I will add them to my list (densha otaku *cough cough*) ♥♥♥

  4. OMGGGGG I LOVE PRIDE – sooo much to a point that I cannt watch any drama of neither Halu or Aki – ahhh and Halu is soooo famous it sucks and they both dnt have any other drama either….ahhh its tooo good – I wish pride was Longerrr – I loooovveee PRIDE

    • Same Same… Can watch Pride over and over again… I am in love with Kimura Takuya. Have watched ALL his dramas!!! I also loved his one million stars falling from the sky. A bit dark, but different.

  5. Thank you for recommending Saikou no rikon, i have been looking for a romance drama for a while now and i have to say the series was very touching, enjoyed every episode of it!

  6. I lOVE KIMURA TAKUYA’S Series.. & my favorites.. are Long VAcation… Pride & Antarctica.. am about to watch some of his series…

  7. Thanks very much for this list. Was looking for recommendations for series. Watched Bara no nai hanaya and quite enjoyed it. Thinking to try Manhattan love story or Pride next.

    • Thank you so much! Sci-Fi not my thing but this I watched after reading your comment and I thought it was truly amazing and speaks about how transformative the power of love is.

  8. I happened to come across this blog looking for some romance & rom-com dorama that I hadn’t seen before, and agreed with many on the list — but what nailed it for me is as I scrolled down — my #1 J-Drama of all time Pride was the number one on your list – so I’m sold and and am going to watch the other 3 I hadn’t yet seen (I’m 100% in agreement of adding Orange Days, Bara no nai Hanaya, and Good Luck on this list too which are the others I’ve already seen and enjoyed).

    When I found out Kimutaku and Takeuchi Yuko we being reunited in A-Life I had such high hopes, but unfortunately didn’t capture their spark from Pride :(

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