8 Jokes you Need to Know to Appreciate 月曜から夜ふかし — 8 Comments

  1. How could you forget dissing on 埼玉! I still tease girls from there about the whole 貧乳問題 thing. (Let me know if you missed that because its hilarious and went on for a few episodes but its probably quite old now.)

    Also isn’t Matsuko incredibly biased about things outside of Tokyo in general? I feel like there is even some running gag about how the east isn’t “real Tokyo” but I’m kind of forgetting the details.

    Oh, and there are lots of 大阪 gags too! I forgot what she originally got famous for but don’t they have a specific 大阪お婆さん that pops up occasionally?

    (Wow, I just realized I know entirely too much about this show too.)

    • I couldn’t cover everything in one article haha!

      Yes, I remember the old 埼玉 attacks. I’m not sure if they stopped because they got old after a while, or they got too many complaints and need to be fairly “mean” to everyone.

      I think Matsuko is most biased against people who are overly proud of their city, regardless of where that is. She is from Chiba originally though, so she brings some good prospective. Murakami is great for adding in the Osaka side. There have definitely been episodes taking place in Osaka, I just can’t recall any お婆さん off hand.

      Knowing too much about the show is a good thing.

  2. Hi Im Japanese living overseas. Just for your info, 多田さん is not tada-san but Oota-san!! Also, 桐谷さん Kiritani-san, is one of the popular character too. I love this kind of article n plz continue to write articles abt japanese entertaiment!!

    • Thanks for stopping by and pointing that out.

      Her name is actually a little bit confusing. Her original name was 太田 (Oota). Then her parents divorced, and her name reverted to 多田 (Tada). Depending on what episode, and who is talking to her, her name seems to change.

      This episode explains it: I obviously remember wayyyyyyyyyyyy too much about this show :P

      Kiritani-san is great. Though I was slightly disappointed to find out that he lives in total squalor at home…

  3. What a great list. I really like the series with the ugly/cute/cool/funny dialects of Japan. The bald guy segments are often funny because they make him suffer in some way. 言われてみれば見た事ないものシリーズ is always worth watching. I don’t enjoy jaguar much anymore, but some of the old stuff (like when they put him in a snow storm hahaha) is hilarious.

    I also like murakami’s ‘beige suit’ recurring jokes.

    • For the 言われてみれば見た事ないものシリーズ, I always picture the assistant directors sitting together in a room brainstorming ridiculous ideas with the result being “Yeah, I’ve never seen that. Let’s do that.” You are right though, it doesn’t disappoint.

      And those beige suits… everyone needs a few in their wardrobe!

  4. Wow, I don’t expect to find a site talking about Monday Late Night Show in English. I usually watch this on one Indonesian pay TV Channel (although they air older episodes). 2 weeks ago I just watched the “mu…ku” guy was given a before-after face make up and I was confused why everyone seems know him really well.

    And last week, they showed the episode where フェフお姉さん (which I thought is a stage name) doing some sport activities at the beach and also learned English.

    • Despite this article being written in 2017, they still continue to make many great appearances on the show :)

      フェフお姉さん has really turned into a great character over the years.

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