8 Catchy Songs To Learn Hiragana And Katakana — 10 Comments

  1. I used こどもちゃれんじ’s hiragana song myself to teach the girl I nanny hiragana. It brought her to the point of being able to use a hiragana chart without romaji because she knew the order hiragana went in. I love the song and it’s become like the English ABC song to me! In fact, I didn’t have the order of the hiragana memorized until this song!

  2. Glad to hear you had success with teaching (and learning the order of) hiragana from songs too. I hope to do a follow-up to this post sharing some other songs that are great for anyone learning Japanese, but the girl you nanny in particular may enjoy them (as they’re all geared for kids).

    • Awesome!

      Oh… I don’t nanny anymore <(^_^). I should've said "nannied". I just got a new job, so not used to it! But I still see her once in a while.

      Looking forward to your next post! I love seeing stuff I can use with kids too. I don't work in childcare anymore, but I did recently become an aunt! And my brother's all for me teaching her Japanese too.

  3. I think this really helps to pronounce the らりるれろ sounds. Different people say them differently (according to my ears), but it’s good to get variety so you know what’s expected I think.

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