9 Sounds Every Single Japanese Person Knows — 12 Comments

    • Cicadas are definitely a staple sound in Japanese media, but not unique to Japan. I hear some wailing cicadas right now, in good ol’ flyover country, USA.

      • But the Japanese cicadas are speaking Japanese! It’s totally different. Like how Japanese dogs say “wan” or Japanese cats say “nyan”.

    • As summer progresses their sound changes. You can tell how far into summer you are just by listening to them. I suppose looking at a calendar would work too, but sometimes it is hard to keep track of that..

  1. You definitely need to put the ‘Hard Off’ discount/thrift store theme song in this group. Every Japanese woman/girl I know, knows this!

    • I can’t believe the people in that store work with the same song playing every day over and over again!

  2. Also, the music right before the train doors slide closed.
    EVERY one living in Tokyo is intimately familiar with this.

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