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What is Jalup?

Why use us? What makes us different from all the other giant companies and highly reviewed apps out there with millions of users?

We Don't Do

Let’s learn Japanese!
Let’s get speaking in Japanese!
Your Japanese will get better!
We’ll help you master Japanese!
Have fun in 10 minutes/day!

We Do

Make you fluent.

What we know

We know who you are

You are a beginner or intermediate level. You have tried other resources that didn’t work. You heard something positive about us, and thought you’d give us a try. Your expectations are low. But maybe… just maybe… Jalup will be the one.

We know why you're here

99% of you want to enjoy something you love that is from Japan. That something is almost always anime, manga, or video games. This is powerful motivation that needs to be embraced. 

We know where you're from

You’ve bought textbooks and apps. You’ve read and asked for advice on forums. You’ve gotten help from from tutors, classes, and Japanese people. You’ve tried transitioning to enjoy real Japanese. You are frustrated and fed up.

We know the path

One method
One app
One purpose 

Make you fluent so you can enjoy anime, manga and video games. 

But How?!

We could bore you with the recipe to our secret sauce

  • Memory magic spaced repetition with puzzle solving
  • Meticulously cutting out everything you don’t need
  • Perfect i(nfo)+1, where you’ve seen everything on a card 
    1. Because you have prior knowledge, or
    2. Except that one new piece of info being introduced
  • Neuroscience backed challenge-centered fun reinforcement
  • Bilingual to Monolingual (Japanese in Japanese) transitioning
  • Stories and Situations (with audio) are perfectly graded by using only what you have learnt so far so they provide a reading and listening challenge at just the right level.
  • Deep psychological and mental support

But Now?!

The recipe is irrelevant. All you need to know is:

  • You start Jalup
  • You continue Jalup
  • You enjoy anime, manga and video games
Skip everything else you think you should be doing or think you need to know. Go straight to what you love.


We are the Premium Japanese Tool

Jalup is not a textbook. It is not a tutor. It is not a reader. It is not boredom disguised as fun.

Jalup is fluency. It is the full replacement for “everything else” that has failed you before.

“Jalup is to traditional Japanese learning methods what World of Warcraft was to Everquest. You’ve removed so much tedium, frustration, and general BS from the process and made it vastly easier to focus on the fun.”

“I have been trapped in an epic start/stop struggle of learning Japanese for over 20 years. Jalup has changed everything. I have never experienced this kind of sustained motivation and palpable progress. For once, attaining fluency doesn’t feel like a fruitless dream.”

“I strongly feel that you have made Japanese learning simultaneously enthralling and totally manageable with your posts and products. I’m not the only one who thinks that. By a long shot. You are doing something very right.”

The 9 Levels

Level 1

Learn how to read, write, and pronounce the kana (hiragana and katakana). These are the two major Japanese alphabets.

Level 2

Learn all the important vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structures, creating a powerful foundation for your Japanese ability that allows you to drop the English. 

Level 3*

Learn the meanings of all the kanji. These are the thousands of picture-like symbols that are used in all written Japanese, that really bring the language to life.

Level 4

Learn Japanese through Japanese. All definitions and explanations are in Japanese, created from the words you already know. Challenging? Yes. Effective? YES! 

Level 5

Learn more Japanese through Japanese.  Expand on your vocabulary and grammar, as you gain a deeper understanding of how the language really works.

Level 6, 7, 8, 9

Make the final climb to fluency!

*Level 3 (Kanji Kingdom) can be done out of order.
Try out the first 100 cards of each level for
FREE to find out if you like Jalup and where you should start

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About us

2010: Jalup’s 1st Blog Post
2014: Jalup Beginner Released
2018: iPhone & Android App Released


Make you fluent.


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