You want to master the Japanese language? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s what you’ll need to know to get around.


Jalup is structured into a step-by-step guide that will lead you from absolute beginner all the way to fluency.

World 1: Why learn Japanese? How long does it take? Prepare yourself.
World 2: Learn how to use the Jalup system. Understand how you make progress.
World 3: Discover why and how to effectively use immersion learning
World 4: How to overcome a plateau and hitting a wall.
World 5: Transition to learning Japanese through Japanese.
World 6: Learn to read native Japanese material (manga, books and more)
World 7: Learn how to become a speaking pro.
World 8: Reaching fluency.
World 9: Visiting & living in Japan. How to get a job in Japan/or a job using Japanese.

The Jalup App

This is exactly what language learning has been like for decades. This is why language learning is boring and people fail.

Multiple Choice
True or False
Listen and Match
Which one is it?

Language learning is a mental game that thrives on challenge and reward. Jalup doesn’t just plop a fun game on top of the language. It engages the brain’s natural urge to solve problems by making learning the language itself the game.

No spoon fed translations. No “choose your answer.” No repetitive memorization. No more boredom disguised as excitement.

Ready to start your game?

Native Media Recommendations

JALUP About 6Looking for something to read, watch, play or listen to?  You’ll find recommendations and level rankings for all forms of Japanese media: J-drama, movies, anime, manga, novels, video games, and more.

Going Solo


Want to skip the Walkthrough and the equipment I provide? Want to create everything on your own, find other resources, and completely go at this in your own way? Get started here.


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Line Chat Group: talk live with other passionate learners like yourself.
Referral Program: help out Jalup and earn a little reward for doing so.
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Monthly Goals: Set and achieve your goals together with everyone else.
Learner Stories: Find out how other learners got to where they are today.
Lessons: Japanese is deep. Let’s dive right in.
Japan: There’s a whole country out there for you to understand.
Quiz: Test your Japanese ability.
日本語: Fun Jalup articles in Japanese for you to practice your reading on.
漫画: Original manga series created for Japanese Level Up.


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Jalup is constantly growing and changing. Here are some of the major past updates.

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