Achieving Your Japanese Goals – April 2018 — 18 Comments

  1. 1. Add back the rest of intermediate cards (750). These are all review after restarting my Anki deck so feel I’ll be able to do it.
    2. Read 2 manga
    3. Watch 8 tv shows

  2. 1. 1 card per day from Intermediate Situations.
    2. 2 new kanji per day.
    3. 6 new J-J sentences per day.
    4. Lots of immersion, especially listening.

  3. 1. Begin Power Levelling!

    2. WaniKani, Anki, A Dictionary of Basic/Intermediate Japanese Grammar, NHK Easy News

    3. Finish learning new cards from Jalup Beginner (50 remaining)
    Begin Jalup Intermediate, 30-40 cards a day, depending on how hard the transition to J-J is
    Begin Core 10K, 20 words per day
    Read 1 NHK Easy News article every day and look up new grammar in A Dictionary of Basic/Intermediate Japanese Grammar
    Reach level 17 on WaniKani (currently level 13)

  4. 1. Finish the ~200 remaining Kanji of the RTK Deck – Marking the end of my hiatus of studying nothing besides Kanji.

    Almost there!

    • Did it! Yes! I’m a little bit proud of myself. :D

      Does anyone have a recommendation where to go from here with the kanji studies?
      There are still quite a lot of jouyou-kanji I have not seen yet. Should I learn them only when I encounter them in the wild, or should I learn them directly?

      • Congratulations! I would say at this point you should just learn them as you see them but its completely up to you.

  5. My main goal is to ensure I get through all my reviews every day, and to add at least 100 new cards to my sentence pile. I have to go to a conference for about 8 days, so if I can maintain my current add rate of 5 new cards per day, that will be something. I’m thinking it is unlikely during that period since conferences are always busy. My work is going to be pretty busy until the end of the month as well. Still, 100 cards will pretty much get me through the main lessons in Genki 1, just in time for going to Japan at the end of the month where I will get Genki 2.

  6. Finish review Genji II

    Genji II
    A Dictionary of Japanese Grammar (Basic/Int.)

    The game plan is not to cry through it. No, seriously this book needs to go. I know most of the vocab already. The main push is going to be in refreshing kanji and learning the grammar points.

  7. -aiming for lvl 6 on wanikani but reach at least lvl 5
    -adding ar least 100 new cards from jalup beginners to my reviews

    -jalup beginner

    Just keep going

  8. This month, I’m kind of redoing how I study Japanese into a more structured form.

    1) 30 new kanji/day, bringing me from Heisig# 330 to 900
    2) 10 new Jalup Beginner cards a day, phasing out cards from my old, slapped together deck as I come across duplicates.
    3) Read となりの関くん vol 1
    4) At least 80 minutes of new active listening a week
    5) Add past listening to a passive listening playlist

  9. 1) Read 2 books.
    2) Get to 4400 vocab cards (currently at 3850)

    I should finish the novel I’m reading by April 1st, so excited to start reading more!

  10. I’m pretty worn out after learning ~1000 cards in one month (never gonna try that again!) so let’s take it easy this April:
    – Review Anki daily, adding new cards is optional
    – Take care of the neglected RevTK pile currently at 319 cards
    – Shadow every new NISJ
    – Reading is optional, to be done only after taking care of the above mentioned tasks
    – Apply to JLPT N1 by 4/25

  11. Again, I don’t have super concrete study goals this month. I just want to continue building good study habits.

  12. 1. Finish Intermediate Deck and last few hundred spanish sentences
    2. Jalup Next and Duo Lingo
    3. Maintain 30-40 cards a day on days Jalup when I have college/work and ramp up to 70-100 a day during upcoming 2 week break from college/work. Maintain 100 spanish cards per day.

    *Optional Bonus goal is to make a decent dent into advanced as well*

    **Edit: Duo not Dou

  13. 1. Weekly lesson with Japanese Tutor
    2. Read 3 pages of either 1 リットルの涙 or ラモーナとおかあさん a day
    3. Clear Bunpro Cards every day
    4. Listen for at least 20 mins per day (Youtube or show)
    5. Do a little Jalup intermediate everyday

    My Goal this month is to build habits. After working hard last month I crashed the first week of April and barely worked on my Japanese. Hopefully sticking to this daily plan again will help me as much as it did last month. 今月も頑張ります!

  14. HI,
    I began using ANki for kanji study just this month.
    Unfortunately, the koohii hints are often disgusting, laced with derogatory sexual innuendo.
    The writer has apparently been able to sneak them in.
    I wonder what Japanese parents would think about people who accepted such comments in their program of study? They are offensive to women, and inappropriate in a teaching program. They pop up frequently per day, and are very distracting.
    I would like to continue using this excellent kanji study program, but find it difficult to scroll past the male chauvinistic semi pornographic comments without having to notice them.

    • That is unfortunate. Since I’m assuming you are doing an RTK deck in Anki, if it is offensive you might want to just create your own stories for the deck and not visit the Koohii site.

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