Achieving Your Japanese Goals – February 2020 — 9 Comments

  1. Goals for Feb, keeping it simple as I’m going to Japan beginning of March (first time!)

    1. RTK – Another 105 cards (takes me to 900)
    2. – Complete all lessons (currently at lesson 7, so far each session has been around an hour)
    3. Do JALUP/RTK reviews every day

    I’m taking the pressure off myself for this month, just want to keep things rolling.

  2. Not much new for me as well:

    1) Keep adding new cards, now from Jalup Expert (omg I am at Expert already).
    Will try 15 cards per day. As I mentioned 20 would be doable but the reviews would probably become too much after a month or two of doing 20/day. 10 of the other hand feels too little, so lets see. Will not consider this one a failure if it is any number between 10 and 20.

    2) Carry a Japanese book or something else to read around whenever I leave my house.
    I need to read more. With this goal I want to ease the access to reading immersion during the short downtimes throughout the day. Have been doing this for the couple of days, worked well so far.
    Also want to figure out a way to get ebooks on my reader (whole chain from finding a appropriate store to the thing displaying everything correctly). Otherwise, if someone can recommend an good android app for reading Japanese ebooks I would appreciate :-)

    3) Keep adding selfmade cards. Was a lot of fun (even the frustration of branch-drowning, it is kind of a puzzle) last month. So want to keep doing it. I want to do a bit more than last month but not force myself too hard, so different goal levels:
    a) I will consider this a failure if I added less than 4 cards in total.
    b) I reasonably expect a progress of 6 cards in total
    c) Super-rainbow-unicorns: 8 or more new cards

  3. My goals are the following:

    Books: Reading 2 Light Novels (Most likely 狼と香辛料 Volum 2 and 3)
    Manga: Reading 15 Manga Volumes
    Learning 15 Anki Cards each day
    Listeining to 2 Audible Audio Books (転生したらスライムだった件 Volume 3 and 4)
    Don’t switch back to English playing Final Fantasy 14

    The toughest Part will be reading 狼と香辛料 dont know if will switch to a more simple one but I will consider it a success as long as I read 2 Novel Volumes. Will definitly be tough to finish all that reading but it will be a nice Challenge.

  4. WaniKani: Level 15 (524 Kanji, 1,636 Vocabulary)
    BunPro: Finish JLPT N5 Grammar Deck
    Immersion: Yotsubato (Vol.2), 2-3 hours a day of active immersion, 4-5 hours a day of passive immersion.

  5. Well after falling off the wagon for about a year and a half, then getting to 0 reviews twice, I’ve been continuing my JALUP journey recently.

    This month I want to continue the good progress I’ve had these past weeks and keep doing

    1) 8 Jalup Beginner cards daily to finish it on the 29th
    2) 2 chain links in Kanji Kingdom daily(6-8 cards)

    I’m pretty far behind in KK (356 compared to 780 in JB) so I’ll probably just do my JB reviews until I hit 1000 KK before moving on to Intermediate

  6. I am looking to continue on last month’s momentum. I do have a trip this month but hopefully it won’t derail me too much.

    In order of priority:

    1) Continue jalup champion, pace 12 cards/day. This should have me 2/3 of the way through by the end of the month!

    2) Continue shadowing, complete at least 1 more unit, but most importantly practice at least 15 min per day (ideally double that).

    3) Read accompanying manga to jalup champion as I finish the cards.

    4) Continue Terrace House Original, at least 8 eps again which brings me through episode 19

  7. 2月のゴール:

  8. Will only keep track of cards, not immersion, as I was inspired by Adam’s prior post not to try to make immersion a duty but rather try to keep fun.
    1. 100 new cards from expert 6.

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