Achieving Your Japanese Goals – January 2019 — 8 Comments

  1. In January I am going to try to accomplish a few things:

    1) Try and finish all of jalup situation cards in Anki to practice listening
    2) 15 lessons of pimselur 4
    3) Immersion with Terrace House and Food Wars at least 15 episodes
    4) Read at least five chapters Yotsuba

    I may also read a little bit of a new textbook I got but low priority. Mainly to work on grammer I got Japanese the manga way. Also I may try hellotalk this month to practice speaking but low priority for now.

  2. 1. 50 new cards from expert 1
    2. Find an online Japanese tutor and schedule a few sessions.
    3. Finish 宇宙兄弟14 and 15.
    4. Watch about 5 hours of Japanese TV.

  3. Try to catch up to where I was when I stopped studying Japanese last year, which was Jalup Immersion.

    I am going to just study the cards through the Jalup App because I need a huge refresher and I like the app so much better than Anki.

    My monthly goal is to just add five cards from each deck to my reviews. This should be doable because it is all just review. I just have to hold myself back from doing more than that because the app is so addictive.

    I’ll make it my goal to complete all reviews daily as well

    • I am adding one more goal to my list:

      Complete two techdegrees whose names will not be mentioned that are offered through

      I might only be able to complete one, but I am going to shoot for both.

      The “techdegrees” teach their own respective programming languages so given that this site is about language learning support I figured I should add it to my list of goals.

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