Achieving Your Japanese Goals – January 2020 — 12 Comments

  1. Okay excited to hit the new year with some adjusted tactics. In order of priority:

    1) Start jalup champion, pace 12 cards/day. This should have me finish all of Jalup in March.

    2) Start Shadowing as a real solid monthly goal. I’ve tried it before as tests but never have done it repeatedly. I am going to use this new series Shadowing! to help me focus and make it more concrete. I really don’t know what pace to expect as it’s my first time. But I would love to finish the entire two text books by end of October. I’ll start slow to see what is required. Complete at least 1 unit this month. Ideally at least 10 minutes a day but really would love 30+ minutes a day ideally.

    3) Read accompanying manga to jalup champion as I finish the cards.

    4) I’m going to kick the anime for now and focus tv time on the original terrace houses with no subs at all. I would hope to watch at least 8 but of all the goals this is the least important. I would much rather focus on shadowing between the two.

  2. I’m back in the game after being sidetracked for a couple of years. I’m starting over from scratch.

    1) A) Keep reviewing past Jalup decks (I’m over halfway through an old Anki Beginner deck) and get at least halfway through Jalup Intermediate. B) I’m also shooting for relearning at least the first third of the Jalup Kanji deck (have 100 completed)–this is also reviewing something I used to have a pretty good handle on. C) Do at least 15 minutes (total) of shadowing a day. D) Watch at least one episode of a Japanese TV drama per night. E) Complete all reviews daily. F) Passive and active listening to podcasts and ripped J dramas.

    2) Purchase Jalup Maximum by 12/31 to relearn and review cards. I’ll also use this resource to practice shadowing. Watch stuff from my extensive Japanese DVD collection.

    3) Relearn and add at least 25 Kanji cards and 25 Sentence cards per day. Chip away at reviews throughout the day a few minutes at a time. Listen to podcasts while getting ready for work in the morning, when I come home, and spare moments between. Watch J dramas right before bed. If I slip on card adds and reviews, I will make sure I catch up on weekends.

  3. Two really inspiring posts to start off the New Year guys :)

    I’m really torn on what to do….

    My original plan was to concentrate on RTK (currently at 700), as previous years I start with concentrated RTK study…. but….

    In Marcb I am going to Japan (for the first time!!) and I want to be able to engage in conversation, so I think I’m going to deprioritise RTK til after I get back,

    I am pushing up to 900 in Intermediate (and I am still struggling with quite a few definitions), but I would like to have it complete by end of Jan.

    I’m happy with my reading level considering I’m near the end of intermediate, I would like to up my listening comprehension, any advice from those who have pushed past this point, as to what might help me to engage in conversation when I travel to Japan?

    My thoughts are:
    1) Speak out loud more (I do speak out loud (or at very least in my head) when doing reviews whenever possible)
    2) “Create” more with the language (I have not done a lot of writing (digital or physical)
    3) Write “scripts” then act them out (yes really :)

    Thanks all!

    • These are the right things to do to help for your trip. To be honest this is an area I still struggle with. These things should help but temper your expectations.

      You could also try shadowing. Also jpod101 has some great stuff specifically to prepare for a trip there that I find very helpful. You could just do it for a month and get through that stuff specifically.

      • Hi laddr,

        Thanks for the encouragement and advice to “temper my expectations” :)

        Shortly after I wrote this post, I found hellotalk, and I think I have found a really good resource for pre-trip study.

        1. Meeting actual Japanese people (maybe even meet some IRL when I go!)
        2. Corrections to my posts within minutes (it encourages me to write more)
        3. Correcting English of Japanese speakers
        -a the fuzzy feeling of helping others
        -b I feel I’m learning how a JP speaker “sees” English, which in turn helps my understanding of JP
        4. Using “speech to text” to write my posts, which is:
        -a. quicker than typing
        -b: means I am talking

        Only caveat is, it can easily eat into time, so I need to ration the time on it :-D

  4. After going through a big burnout stage last month I feel the need to alter what goals I focus on. I will focus more on JALUP cards than on kanji from now one. I should be able to prevent burnout by going more slowly on kanji I think.


    1. From now on I think I may make a goal of doing only 30 kanji each weekend. Considering that I am nearing the end of RTK lite, I already know almost all of the most common kanji anyway and cam go even more slowly with learning the remaining kanji once I finish RTK Lite. 30 kanji a weekend means 120 kanji by the end of this month.

    2. At least 200 new JALUP Expert cards.

    3. Catch up on the Promised Neverland manga.

    • Oh one more goal.
      4. Finally cut out all english subtitles on anime. I have started watching several shows without subs and some with Japanese subs, but havent totally cut out english subs yet. That changes this month as this past anime season comes to an end.

  5. Having considered my goals, with an upcoming trip to Japan as well as already wanting to create/use the language more my goals are:

    1) Finish JALUP Intermediate (115 cards to go)

    2) Write a short daily journal in Japanese (I’ve wanted to journal for a while now and I think that forcing myself to then translate it into Japanese will keep me journalling). For sanitys sake my goal will be 4 journals a week, committing to every day is probably more pressure than I need ;)

    3) Continue actively listening to a 25 minute episode three times a week minimum.

    4) Spend a minimum of 30 minutes three times a week in hello talk, Helping others and talking with native Japanese speakers

    I think that will do for January! I’ll be doing other Japanese things as well I am sure!

    All the best for the coming year guys!

  6. Also technically a day late, but here are my goals for this month:

    1) Finish Jalup Advanced. This won’t work at a pace of 10 cards per day but lately I could sustain a higher pace quite well so this should work out.

    2) Check out the Japanese bookstore in my city. Try to find some interesting books and maybe buy them. This goal will be the hardest for me. I dislike unfamiliar situations (especially first time somethings) and I especially feel anxious about being seen checking out Japanese books without “speaking” Japanese. Because I know I will stop feeling this way as soon as I have been there once this is a specific goal.

    3) On average create 1 “selfmade” sentence card, including branches per week. When I started reading I first experienced the bonus memory effect of figuring out a sentence by myself. So I want to start my own sentence deck a bit early (compared to the recommendations on this site). I actually have a two of those already made, but I want to start creating this habit. Goal will be fulfilled if I successfully added 4 cards including their branches to my own sentence deck.

    Good luck everybody!

  7. 1. 100 new cards (95 to finish expert level 5 + 5 from level 6)
    2. Read 2 manga (currently on book 7 グッドモーニングコール)
    3. Watch 10 dramas (current on terrace house episode 16)

  8. My goals for January are:
    * Level 11 on WaniKani (385 kanji, 1163 vocab)
    * Complete the “Read/understand 5 short stories and listen to/comprehend 21 life situations” task on World 2 of the Walkthrough.
    * Get about 3-4 hours of passive/active immersion through audio-visual media daily
    * MAYBE make it through volume 1 of Yotsuba. It looks hilarious.

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