Achieving Your Japanese Goals – October 2018 — 5 Comments

  1. Okay this month will look similar to last month. My goals are:

    1) Watch and maybe complete season 2 of Food Wars no subtitles (or a different anime that may be easier to listen to if I get any suggestions I am into)

    2) Start Pimsular Japanese III in the car. Ideally get through half of it (15 lessons).

    3) Continue Terrace house. Aim for 10 more episodes.

    4) Continue adding 10 cards a day for Jalup Advanced.

    5) Keep on top of my RTK kanji reviews.

    6) Continue and ideally keep increasing immersion loop audio

    7) Remaining time will either be playing Yakuza 0, Octopath in Japanese or reading more Yotsuba

  2. For October I want to finish Jalup Beginner once and for all. I have 450 cards to go so if I do 15 per day I’ll finish and be some cards into Intermediate.

    My worry is that I’m only 250 cards into Kanji Kingdom though. How far do you guys think I should be in KK before tackling Intermediate?

  3. 1. Finished advanced deck, have 160 cards left
    2. Read volumes 11 and 12 of 宇宙兄弟
    3. Watch at least 10 episodes of a drama

  4. This month I’ll be finishing the Expert series and putting a short break on the amount of new cards I have on until my daily reviews are at a place I like.

    1) Finish the Jalup Expert series by Oct 21 by introducing 20 new cards/day. Keep up reviews for kanji and sentences.
    2) Read となりの関くん4.
    3) 80 minutes a week of new listening material.

    I should be able to transition to more reading and listening towards the end of the month, and my November goals will probably reflect that.

  5. Still burned out a bit and recovering from review overflow, so goal(s) will be dead simple this month.

    1. Do all reviews.

    I might add a few cards if things get a bit better, but I will not set any goals for it, as I mainly need to combat the burn out.

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