Adam’s Japanese Book Recommendations – Part 2 — 11 Comments

  1. How are you able to read these many books xD?
    I think number 3 and 5 should be easy enough for me to read. よし!

    • I like reading? Haha. Lately I’ve been reading 2-3 books a week, so I hope to continually expand this list.

      And I had a feeling you’d go for the cute cat one.

  2. I wonder if there’s a way to buy Kindle books from Japanese Amazon if you’re outside Japan? I’d love to stock up on some books, and as much as I love the traditional paper ones, the lack of shipping fees and the built-in dictionary seem amazing.

    • Yup, and it’s easy. I just bought a Kindle Paperwhite about two weeks ago (highly recommended) from U.S. Amazon. It doesn’t matter what country you buy your Kindle from, so you can save a bundle in shipping fees through buying it in your current country or using your existing Kindle/App if you have one. If you do buy a new one, mark it as a gift, that way, they won’t auto-load it with your U.S. account info. before they ship it (just a nice little shortcut, but you can always change that info. if you already have a Kindle registered to a non-J Amazon account). Set the language on the Kindle to Japanese, and make sure you use a different username and password combination for your J Amazon account than you use with your U.S. Amazon account—just log in to your J Amazon account with your Kindle, and you’re good to go. You can use a U.S. credit card to buy from J Amazon. I don’t know if this makes a difference (probably not), but I use a J shipping address for my J Amazon account. You can get one for free here:

      A word of caution: you will loose any non-J Amazon Kindle books that are stored on your device, but who cares about books written in English, anyway?! :D

      I find myself reading a lot more now that I use a Kindle, so get to it and start your J reading frenzy!

  3. I’ve read Mari Kondo’s the magic of tidying up in English and I love it. Her method is of decluttering is the best I’ve ever come across. I’ve already applied it to my wardrobe and it’s so much better now. <3

    • Wow I didn’t know it was translated in English.

      I’ve also been implementing a lot of her techniques and they really do change your life for the better. A lot of them can also be applied to Japanese studying. Especially the stockpiling of study materials that people never use.

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