What Speaking Practice Should I do for a Trip to Japan? — 14 Comments

  1. 同意です。

  2. 質問を答えてありがとうございました。日本に旅立つの時に大丈夫になると思います。それより、楽しんで話の能力が上がるでしょう。


    • 役に立ててよかった。日本から帰ってきたらここでその経験について書いて頂いたら嬉しい。

      • 了解~


        さらに、日本に行ったお陰でどういう勉強すればいいかよくわかった。JALUPにおすすめされているよく小説を読む事と「passive listening」がもっとすればいいと思っている。


        • 無事に日本に行けてよかった!貴重な第一印象も書いていただいてありがとう。Jacobさんはあっという間にスピーキングのプロになるよ。

  3. This might be a little bit of a pain, but I was kind of hoping to see Japanese subtitles as an option in the video. This kind of explanation about learning Japanese and describing it correctly in Japanese is a common occurrence when surprising people with Japanese in places they least expect. Plugging some sentences from your explanation into Anki would help smooth that dialogue up a little bit. I know it would be some work, so I would understand if time doesn’t permit, but if possible I think it would be beneficial. As always, keep up the good work on the site!

  4. Wow these are amazing! Thank you so much. The japanese subtitles are great! Did not know the kanji for Narita, plus I learnt a new word ‘必死’.Well its second meaning at least. I actually didn’t realise it was that word when I heard it, thankfully the subtitles cleared it up for me.


    By the way, Adam added them for the first video too! Thanks so much, definitely adds to the replay-ability of videos !

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