When Asking Someone Out Is Ambiguous – 付き合ってください — 4 Comments

  1. So what’s the real way to ask someone out without confusion? Just say 好きです、付き合いってください? or is there another way?

    • If you set the context right, you kind of just know (as with a lot of Japanese). But yes, it is very common to say (name)のことが好きです。私と付き合ってください!

    • If you really think that there might be a misunderstanding then 「彼女になってください」is also natural.

  2. It’s funny how I acquired such things naturally. When I started my Japanese adventure 3 years ago I thought “Damn, you will never understand this language”. Once you thought you know a word good enough… it’s suddenly used in a way you just don’t understand. After these 3 years and a lot of immersion I just know naturally why it is like that. I don’t get the nuance always, but I’ve started a long time ago to “feel” the language. My speaking is still weak (Because I’ve almost never said or written a thing in Japanese) but I don’t rush with that. I enjoy listening and reading and I haven’t spoken a word until 5 in my native language and I hadn’t any disadvantage due to that ;)
    I’m quite happy about my Japanese because I’m more or less on the same level like a 3 years old kid. At first I thought Japanese was a impossible language to learn. Now I know that it isn’t more difficult than other languages at all and better japanese = more fun.

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