Atsugiri Jason – New Foreigner Comedian Bringing the Laughs — 14 Comments

  1. Hah, that was awesome. It’s like he’s taking his actual RTK stories and turning them into comedy XD

    • I think the reason it’s so funny, especially to foreigners, is because one of the determinates in to what makes something funny is what is required to understand the joke, and because we had to put a heck of a lot of effort in to be able to understand that it makes it even funnier.

  2. I didnt understand all of it but from having done RTK I can guess what his comments were, and that’s amazing haha. Great idea to bring that in japanese comedy. Hopefully he will make some more different sketch to stay relevant!

    • Yeah, there is a danger with this type of comedy where you develop a hit catch phrase that blows up your career in a short time that it will turn into a 一発屋 (one hit wonder). But he seems like a smart guy so I’m sure he’ll expand.

  3. That was hilarious!!! Probably one of the funniest scenes I’ve seen in a long time. I haven’t watched hardly any comedy skits before, but I’m planning to now.

  4. Even with the explanation of his routine, watching it was still hilarious. It’s amazing how hard he’s raging — I never would have expected it from just seeing pictures of him.

    Plus, y’know… I feel his pain.

  5. I think I saw him on a ymobile commercial once, didn’t know he was a comedian then and I’m still pretty sure that he isn’t. Why people laugh at him must mainly be because of his poor acting skills.

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