Audible Japan Changes to a Coin System — 13 Comments

  1. Thanks for the info Adam. I’ve never used Audible Japan before, but I do buy from Amazon Japan. I was trying to sign up for this audible membership and I keep getting the error:

    Product confirmation
    I’m sorry. An error occurred during processing.
    Please try again after a while. If the problem persists, contact us please contact us.

    Is there a reason for this occurrence? I tried both with and without a VPN (which is a great vpn that I pay for and runs Netflix perfectly). I also never have problems with my payment method.

    Anyways, thanks for all the info!

    • That’s strange. Unless it has something to do with their big announcement switching the system over causing them to delay new memberships.

      You were connected to the VPN, went to this link below, clicked on the trial membership link, and entered your (not .com) credentials?

      And then after trying to purchase got this error right?

      • Ya, exactly, I even just tried it a few times on my phone with VPN and get this:

        “We learn from failure, not from success.”
        – Dracula, Bram Stoker
        Its not you, its us.
        If you are still having have problems let us know

        I am definitely using my amazon Japan account and that link.

        • Are you using a credit card with a Japanese billing address? That is one of the requirements to join. I emailed their customer support to see if there was a way around it, but they weren’t able to make any exceptions.

          I have been using instead. It doesn’t have near the selection, especially for fiction, but they have sales sometimes and you can download your books as mp3s.

          I was hoping Amazon would change their Audible credit card policy along with this change, but it appears to be the same.

          • Yah, I have a Japanese address. I’m actually able to buy audiobooks for example. Perhaps I’ll give that other website a try…I just wish I could use PayPal because I hate using credit card on sites that I dont have a long history with or ar very well known. Thanks for the reply!

  2. How long does it take to get good at understanding audiobooks? I can shadow just fine but every audiobook seems like an extremely dark dungeon that I barely understand anything of.

    Also, if your goal is to get massive immersion in, the new system doesn’t look good.

    • What level are you Cajun(approximately)? That will no doubt have an effect. Also, how often do you read Japanese novels? I feel that reading novels would directly affect listening to novels over time. If you read a lot, your listening ability should increase faster than if you don’t read much. I also think that what your priority is will increase the quickest; for example, listening to the news tons will improve your news listening ability more quickly.

    • It depends on the type of book. Ex. Novels are harder. Motivational self-help books are easier. Regardless, it takes practice, because it is not a type of listening you are familiar with.

  3. Anyone else can’t visit the new audible website? It says it’ll take a minute to load but nothing happens.

    • I had the same problem at first, but it seemed to work after the second load of the app. Are you still having the issue?

  4. Has anyone has luck signing up for who doesn’t live in Japan? It seems their sign up form still has “Japan” in an un-editable state. Has anyone tried a V-Precal prepaid card or similar?

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