Jalup Group Challenge 8: Read Out Loud, J-E & J-J Sentences — 30 Comments

  1. Level 8 or so?

    I’ll be attempting the 400 J-E sentences and the reading aloud 20 minutes a day.

    For the J-E sentences I’ll be using the second half of JALUP Beginner. I’ll be done with the first half by the end of July. For reading it will probably be a mix of Famitsu articles I can’t understand, and some free games I downloaded from the Japanese PSN.

    My game plan for J-E will be around 20 to 30 new cards a day from Beginner, with the plan to finish around the end of August. For the reading I’ll just read aloud like I have been while playing PS4 games. (The parts I can actually read)

    • Nope. I ended up being 60 shy of my 400 J-E cards, and failed the read put loud challenge like the first day. Next time!

  2. Level: 40+
    I’ve attempted several challenges inthe past, and have my fair share of both losses and victories.
    For this one, I’ll be attempting #1. This may be a little bit difficult to pull off as I am currently in Europe and will continue to be in Europe for the first half of this challenge, but I’m sure I can find 20 minutes in the morning or evening to read out loud. I’ll try my hand at ハリーポッターと賢者の石 since I brought it with me for the trip.

    • Well, that definitely did not go as planned. I won’t make excuses—I was lazy and as such failed this challenge. I read out loud for maybe three or four days, then was spotty, then dropped off completely. There were occasions when I could have read out loud but chose to read in my head instead.

      While I did not even come close to completing this challenge, there are a couple things I can take away from the experience. I need to be more self-disciplined. With the start of the school year, I think I’ll be able to fall back into a routine for Japanese that got lost during the summer.

  3. Level: 20-25?
    2. Challenges accepted: 350 J-J cards (My brain is gonna fry, in a good way), and read aloud 20 minutes a day.
    3. Gameplan: I’m going to need to add between 10-15 new J-J cards per day, which will almost all come from the JALUP Intermediate deck. As of today I’m at 100 cards, so this will hopefully kick my butt into gear.
    I will also be doing my reading aloud by reading all my Anki reps out loud, so not worried about that part of the challenge.

    My brain is melting from J-J, but my hope is that rather than being permanently frazzled it is instead like a caterpillar (J-E) going through metamorphosis. Their bodies turn mushy, but over time it comes back together to make an amazingly complex butterfly. I’m just trusting that the brain mush stage will eventually pass.

  4. Level: 25

    Challenges accepted: 350 J-J cards, read aloud 20 minutes a day

    Gameplan: I’m currently comfortable at a pace of 10 new cards from Jalup Advanced per day. That will give me only 310 cards by the end of August, so I will have to do extra cards on some days to knock out this challenge. It will be difficult, it will be pushing myself and I am in no way confident that I will succeed. However I will try and hopefully that will make me push that tiny bit harder. I’m already reading out loud most of my Anki reps and I will keep doing that. Combined with 350 sentences that should easily pass 20 minutes a day. I still have some manga left I haven’t read and also some graded readers. I will try reading some of that out loud as well if I find the time. For some extra boost my partner will be away from home the last week of August, which should leave some extra time for Japanese madness which will also take my mind of missing him ^_^

    • I did it! The past few days were tough to get through, but I finished the challenge on the last day of August and am now at 400 new cards left in Jalup Advanced.
      I read out loud my cards every day but did not have time for reading much else. August have been busy.

  5. I think I’ve only passed one of these, but I’m going to try again.

    1. Around 25 (forever 25)
    2. Complete 350 new JJ cards
    3. Intermediate deck (advanced if I run out of cards)
    4. Gotta work on my mood and motivation. There is more to learning Japanese then just studying. I also have about 250 cards to catch up on but I should be okay by August.

  6. First time I ever joined a challenge!

    1. My level

    2. Challenge attempted
    Read out loud 20 minutes a day from any text

    3. Resources I will use
    I’ll probably read 10分で読める伝記 for 1年生 and 2年生. I’m not entirely sure what to do after that :S Maybe I’ll look for some more of those.

    4. Game plan/strategy
    I’ll be on holiday at the beginning of August and I plan to read at night in the bed right before sleeping. :) For the second half of August I have to change that up though (would disturb my roommate), so I’ll probably read some time in the afternoon.

    • End of month update: I miserably failed, but… it did get me back into a reading and learning Japanese habit, so that was definitely a good thing. :)

  7. 1. Let’s say level 30.
    2. I will read aloud for 20 minutes a day!
    3. Anki, Kill La Kill script book, and Twitter
    4. I will spend at least 10 minutes reading J-J sentences aloud while I do anki reviews.

    When I do my intensive reading of tweets, I will read aloud extensively before breaking down the tweet. I will read aloud again while referencing new vocabulary and then one more time without looking at vocabulary. When I read the KLK script, I will read Ryuko’s lines aloud. Doing both of these will add another 10 minutes. Yosha!!

  8. I think I am (based on the test) about a level 6+. I currently have lessons via skype. I have read my assessment and I am considered a upper level beginner. Anyway I am going to complete the read aloud 20 minutes a day. It is something that was also recommended by my Sensei. So this will help to keep me motivated. I am reading Ki Ki’s delivery service。まじょのたっきゅうびん. I am already using the white rabbit press app. for reading. I can listen to the narrator and then repeat what I hear. It helps me to get the pronunciation correct. がんばります 

  9. Challenge: 1. Read out loud 20 minutes a day from any text 2. Complete 350 new J-J Cards

    1. Your level: 76
    2. Challenge(s) attempted: Novel, Manga, News challenges
    3. Resources you will use: My current SRS deck and the books I am reading, 日本の作文技術 or SQ:生き方の知能指数. Reading them aloud often greately increases my concentration on the book and comprehension.
    4. Game plan/strategy: I noticed that I tend to have a problem with follow through. So this time I am going to set a reminder. The challenge is a lot more clear and focused on what I am doing daily, so I should be able to do it this time. :)

  10. Not sure my level, have finished 1500 J-J cards but little immersion so not at a high level yet. I’ll take the 350 J-J card challenge, that’s 12 new cards per day.

    Gameplan: Try to space out the 12 new cards throughout the day, perhaps learning 6 new around lunchtime and the other 6 in the evening.

  11. Level: No idea
    Challenges: 20 minutes of reading out loud, possibly will try to get in terms with Anki again and try the 350 J-J sentences
    Resources: Plenty of manga/misc reading material I stocked up for immersion.
    Strategy: For the reading, just blending the out loud part with the usual daily reading routines. For the sentences, extract from the same reading material and/or other multimedia resources also stocked up for immersion

  12. Level: Around 55
    Challenge: 1
    Resources: My backlog of Japanese books. Currently reading 僕はあした, 昨日の君とデートする
    Game plan is just to make sure I actually do it! I have no excuses not to but I’m a master procrastinator and easily distracted! Hopefully this will motivate me ^^

  13. 1. Your level

    26~28 I think

    2. Challenge(s) you will attempt

    Reading aloud 20 minutes a day (since I know I won’t be able to add that many J-J cards)

    3. Resources you will use

    I will use a novel from comico that I’ve been reading, NHK easy news,Shaman King and Octave manga,and some of my SCANDAL mooks that I’ll finally try to read. I’ll probably find more stuff along the way.

    4. Game plan/strategy

    I will try to do the whole 20 minutes per day in one sitting,every morning, as I think that will probably work better, but in case I can’t then I’ll split it up in two 10 minute chunks.

    • Finished the challenge! I’ve actually used my anki reviews for reading a lot more than I thought I would, but manga and NHK easy news were also used very frequently as I thought. This challenge was very interesting and I’ll keep on reading out loud every day if I can, it’s really improving my speaking (which is not something I focus on normally, I’m more of an input than output person currently).

      I really enjoyed this challenge, it was an eye opener for me, even my normal reading speed improved by doing this.

  14. I am in as well, although I’m not quite sure I’ll be able to manage it (work is going to be hectic this month).

    Actually, I’ve never been in really good terms with anki, so I want to use this challenge as motivation to finally make my own cards.

    Level: around 60

    Challenge: 350 J-J anki cards

    Resources: well, I have already a list of new words I found through the previous challenge. I also plan to keep reading news article as my main source of words.

    Game plan: the main issue will be time, as I am currently way too exhausted when coming back from work to do anything requiring brain power. So, it will be tight, but I am guessing something like this: during commute, read articles/ note which words to add/ review anki cards in that order. Back at home, add about 11~15 new cards by copy/pasting definitions from goo or kotobank. Hopefully, my backlog of new words will be enough to fill in days where I didn’t find much.

    • Well, I am done early.
      In the end, even though I had to skip a few days (work getting in the way), I consistently added around 15~20 J-J cards per day the rest of the time. I even have a few bumps to 30; I must have been extra motivated at the time.

      It was a nice experience. Hunting new interesting words forced me to step out of my comfort zone, for a change.

      I will probably try to keep going until the end of the month.

  15. Level: 40+

    Challenges: 350 J-J cards and read aloud 20 minutes a day

    Resources: I recently finished the expert deck so I no longer have an easy source of cards to draw from. I’m still a bit iffy on using ‘one deck’ cards though. They’re not as intuitive as the other Jalup decks’ cards. I’ll start gathering vocab words from manga/novels now.

    Game plan: I’m trying to get in the habit of doing my anki in the morning when I have more energy. If I wait till the evening, I’m more likely to skip anki that day. Basically the game plan is just do it!

    • Hehe. I ended up failing both challenges. I ended up reading aloud maybe 10 days. As for J-J cards, I added around 200.

      It wasn’t all for naught though. While I struggled making J-J cards for the first half of the month, by the second half I streamlined my process, making it easier and quicker to create cards. I’m confident that if a challenge like this comes up again, I’d be able to complete it~

    • I reached 50 J-J cards today. I feel that when I’m adding new cards I also get more eager to do my reviews since I want to get to the new stuff. I’m getting more confident about being able to complete the challenge, but let’s see.

  16. 1. Level : Not sure, around 25/30?
    2. Challenge : 350 J-J
    3. Resources : Jalup advanced
    4. Strategy :
    – Do it before work early in the morning. Same during the weekends.
    – Lots of coffee and tea!
    – Always do at least a little bit of Anki every day, no matter what, even if sick, on the road, busy with family or friends, because if I don’t I just know I will give up for a few months.

    I’ve already done 90 JJ cards this month, so so far so good.

    • Challenge: 350 JJ = done.

      Immersion: really really low…

      I encourage all the students out there that have a lot of holidays to really make the most of it, because even if you are really busy, later in life it is not gonna be any better.

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