Babymetal – Combining Cute Idols With Death Metal — 11 Comments

  1. HAhahahahahaahahaha, it’s cute, heavy and very silly – me like!

    Btw I wonder how the guy in the last video got that job?
    “Bearded-running-screaming-foreigner wanted for Babymetal music video”
    “-I’m in!”

  2. I love this band :D so much that I’ve done a guitar cover of megitsune and may do more in the future haha. Also, like Saruman said, that guy got a nice job! haha

    • They definitely caught my attention though I can see I am incredibly late to the babymetal craze.

  3. I love them. I really thought it would be too weird but I love it. And being about the same age as the oldest one I don’t feel too stupid when I feel the urge to try one of their dances (though not the Gimme Choco one because that face-pointing move is just too ridiculous to consider doing). I learnt the words to the chorus of their Headbangeeeer!!! song, which is my favourite (keep forgetting the verse bit though).

  4. Just went to their concert in Chicago! They put on an amazing show, and they sound just as good live as they do in the music videos. I would encourage anyone to likes them to go if they come back to America.

      • They seemed to be. The band played at the House of Blues which is a pretty small venue, but everyone was pretty pumped. They had a pit at the bottom in front of the band, and it was crazy.

      • They’re also growing in Canada; my friend saw them in Montreal last summer, and in Toronto last week!

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