Train Hard in Japanese like an Anime Hero Would — 6 Comments

  1. My favorite training sequence is either the end result of Luffy from One Piece training to use second and third gear or Ganta from Deadman Wonderland XD training to use his branches of sin powers to use his blood as a weapon :)

  2. I like to help power through anki and other study materail with an epic sound track. Funnily enough, I just came across a video from noglastic critic recommending some great epic music, enjoy For specific scences, recently there are some nice ones from Hunter x Hunter with Gon fighting Hisoka and Nuraryhyo no mago when mastering his final attack learning that his friends (from his demon parade) will win or lose the fight depending on if he can muster the will and courage to stand. (Their power and performance is only as good as his)

  3. I love the scene in Samurai x when Kenshin hits the trees trunk until his hands bleed, and then he must continue anyways.
    And the scene in Nagareboshi Gin when he falls and falls trying to climb the roof. And then the entire time at grampa Takedas house. Now that was some harsh-ass training. And of course, Daisuke does some pretty awesome stuff training to handle that hunting bow too.

  4. My favorites are zwei training from phantom requiem to become and assassin, yho asakura from shaman king and the tricked into training that the main character from the manga venritas goes through by a whole year.

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