Becoming A Japanese Translator: Salary — 11 Comments

  1. So as someone who is actually considering this as at least a summer gig between semesters, my main question would be: “Where does one actually go to get these kinds of positions?” For salary, do you just go to a job hunting website and look for desired J-E translators? Are there particular sites where translators can bid out their skills for freelance?

    • I’ll be getting to how to find gigs in a later part in the series so just hold on for a little more as I would rather give a longer proper explanation.

      And thanks Suliman for mentioning Gengo. That is one of them I will be including when I post about it.

    • They do. Unfortunately, Japanese isn’t in as high demand as some other languages for court interpreters.

  2. Hi!! Your article was useful but i want to ask that if i will become Japanese tranlator… Will i have a successful , secured and satisfying Future??

    • Unfortunately I can’t see into the future or know what your definition of each of those words is :P

      However, if you work hard and love the job, I would assume you have a possibility of a successful, secured and satisfying future.

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