Breaking the Repetitive Word Cycle with a Japanese Thesaurus — 4 Comments

  1. I have a question, not really related to this post.
    I do my daily flash cards. Great! Zap! Zap! But I get the impression that most of the words I can remember in the context of the flashcards, I’ll recognize them when I see or hear them in context, but recalling them when writing or in conversation doesn’t seem to happen, partly because a lot of them I don’t see again outside of the original source. So I stick with 食べる、おいし and すごい :)

    I suppose that means I just have to read more and watch more telly but do you have a hint for a more efficient way of making them accessible in conversation?

    • That’s completely natural for your output ability (writing/converseation) to lag behind your input ability (reading/listening). It just takes more time for passive knowledge to get transferred to your active knowledge. But it will happen :) Adding in more listening immersion outside of flashcards speeds up the process.

      And there is nothing wrong with sticking with 食べる、おいしい and すごい. Japanese people use them all the time, nonstop. This article is more for people who purposefully want to expand their vocabulary a bit.

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