Correct Your Speaking Mistakes with Variety Shows — 6 Comments

  1. I saw some of “YOUは何をしに日本へ” when I was in Japan a few months ago. They were interviewing this guy from Holland, whose father owned a horse racing track or something…? I forget. But the very next day, I saw the guy they interviewed walking as I came out of a ゲームセンター in 池袋. Small world, eh?

    Despite months of constant immersion, I am nearly convinced I literally do not have the ear for Japanese. Like, I think I am Japanese tone deaf or something. I’m through the textbook phase, and I’m constantly looking at transcripts for things I’ve seen, and then start kicking myself when I realize they’re using words and grammar I know, but can’t pick up on. A character in テイルズオブエクシリア will say something, then I’ll read the line and think “What?! I can’t even hear the む in there!” If I try to read the line as fast as they say it, I get tongue tied; I just can’t catch a break!

    • Interesting coincidence. Did you say hello to him?

      Give immersion more time. There is no ear for Japanese. Give yourself a long enough chance to succeed. Immersion is extremely powerful, but slow. It doesn’t provide a quick return. Instead a slow but huge return on investment.

      You’ll get there.

  2. Another great tip Adshap, I’ll try this for sure! Just curious – did they ever have to correct your subtitles when you were on 笑ってコラえて? :P

    • I’m sure there were a few. Though usually it was to fix filler phrases. I had a bad habit of adding in words like ちょっと way too much. And they also change the subtitles when there is a smoother way of saying it.

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