Creating New Kanji Today — 12 Comments

    • I think 門 is a great kanji with a lot of possibilities. You could add anything you want inside to make it slightly cooler.

      There was actually an entire episode of the old J-drama “Trick” dedicated to this mystical kanji with 火 inside 門, and how finding out the pronunciation would solve the plot of the episode.

  1. I love マジかよ haha. It looks legit and it’s such a genius unique way of expressing disbelief.

  2. I like the ones that replace katakana words. And really, if they can just keep adding emojis, why not new kanji? Provided the kanji start to be used.

  3. Wow, カラオケ is def. my favorite and totally should be included in the next Kanji-Deck Upgrade ;)

    Actually it’s hard to imagine there are still many words without Kanji. I mean – there are a lot of Kanji outside the realm of newspapers and RTK…

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