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  1. This is really cool. I’ve had a lot of success with this in video games, so it makes sense to try to port some of it out to the world around me as well :)

    One comment, though, is that you may want to make the google image searches more specific. As amusing as it is to get pictures of Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, and Bill Nye when trying to determine which “bill” you’re referring to :P

    Anyway, thanks so much for putting this together and sharing with us!

    • How did you do it in video games? Just encounter daily objects and keep a list?

      Are you telling me Bill Gates won’t help you remember Japanese?

      • Haha, I suppose he is pretty memorable :)

        The thing with video games is that there’s built-in repetition. Every time you perform an action, you have to select the right commands. This is a requirement to succeed, so you can’t help but see these words for common actions/places/objects/etc literally hundreds or thousands of times during the course of a playthrough.

        Something suspicious? “調べる (X)”
        Need to fly somewhere? “飛空艇を乗る (X)”
        Poisoned? アイテムー>毒消し
        Wanna summon Ifrit? 召喚ー>イフリート
        Modify your gear? “メニュー (Δ)”ー>装備を改造

        The bulk of your experience is made up of these little UI prompts and menus. It’s how you interact with the game systems, manage your inventory, execute battle commands, solve puzzles. It’s a given that you’re going to learn and remember this stuff.

        I see your “household object” labels here the same way. As you go about your daily life, you’ll see these things constantly, and learn them almost effortlessly. It’s a great idea =)

        • Ahh okay. Got it. Excellent point. Even tiresome random battles get a little thrill added, right? But looking at video games like this really is a great example of repetition being fun.

        • Another great way to get some repetition is in shonen anime. The longer series typically have a recap that changes little by little as the show goes on. When I watched with subtitles this was annoying because I just wanted to get to the show but now i don’t mjnd it because I can review all the words I know and learn a few new ones too.

          • Great example!

            I think anyone who has watched one piece knows the intro by heart, and watching 5 minutes of recap every single episode finally has a purpose.

  2. Nice, great idea! I dont think my mom will approve of me putting that everywhere but… I can do it for stuff in my room at least! Thanks!

  3. i don’t think my parents are going to enjoy this hahaha
    maybe i’ll just stick to my room. i guess the fridge is covered in stuff like this already though… and i go there a lot, maybe the fridge will get one.

    • Just slowly work one item at a time. It’ll be like bringing things up to a slow boil, and no one will ever notice that within a few months your entire home is covered with Japanese…

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