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  1. I had a few experiences with JALUP decks to be honest, but I’ve always been here.
    When I tried Jalup Next as aplha user, it was as they said: it blew my mind.

    When we think we’ve reached a plateau about language learning, we see something like Jalup Next from Adam, improving the very thing that he did himself. I was studying the Jalup mod deck for kanjis, but changed to Kanji Kingdom without doubt.
    The link feature is really useful, the anki-like environment is easy and simple to understand and the options are even better than anki for our purposes.
    I can’t wait for future updates, as you make it sharper, who knows where can it go? :0 learning Japanese will never be easy, but our path to fluency can always be more enjoyable :)

  2. I’ve been using Jalup NEXT as an alpha tester and have been really impressed. It’s made it way easier for me to progress now that I don’t have to deal with Anki or guessing how I’ve done remembering the cards. I just check wrong/right and it does the rest for timing. The decks have already been used by a lot of people and I think we all agree that they’re awesome. It’s really great to have them all in one place that’s easily accessible with my phone or desktop. I’m still in the early stages right now (150/1000 on Beginner) but really do feel that this product has already made a huge difference and I can’t wait to see the features mentioned in this post.

  3. My first impression of Jalup NEXT when I experienced it in Alpha was, “This is really easy to use.” It is simple and easy to take in. I have tried several user interfaces to learn Japanese, Anki, Fluentu, and Japanese Pod 101. Jalup NEXT is by far the simplest and most intuitive. Everything just flows. The linked cards is a really nifty feature that saves time where you would otherwise have to search for the cards in Anki one by one. That alone is enough to make this a killer app. I personally am restarting the series from beginner so that I can completely transfer over to Jalup NEXT from Anki because I am really excited about what Jalup NEXT will come up with next (nice pun huh?) and I hope the community grows so we can see some of these new features Adam has teased us with so far.

  4. Can’t believe I didn’t mention the linking, it’s amazing! If I forget a kanji or don’t remember what card a grammar concept came from, I just click the word and it’ll bring up the card that introduced the word/concept.

  5. I absolutely love Jalup NEXT! The linked card feature has saved me so much time and because of that I feel more motivated to do the decks. The user interface is simple which is great but at the same time it is so much more visually appealing than anki which I don’t know about other people but that in itself makes it more motivating to me.

  6. I was lucky to be one of the alpha users, and I can say, I find it to be vastly superior to Anki. It’s much more fun to use, simpler, and the “learn” feature is seriously great. The linked cards are amazing and give you natural stopping places to quit learning new cards instead of hitting an arbitrary number that you set in Anki. This was especially apparent in Kanji Kingdom, which is great btw. I didn’t even encounter any real problems in the alpha. I actually feel kind of bad about that, but everything worked surprisingly well from the beginning, they fixed any issues extremely quickly, and I think as they implement new features, Jalup NEXT will get even better. Thanks for the great product Adam!

  7. I was lucky enough to be an alpha user and I can say is I love Jalup NEXT. It’s a lot of fun.Kanji is something I still struggle with and I definitely that the kanji kingdom is helping me more and more each day. I can’t wait to see what is added next.The also have audio for the beginner J-E decks and the kana decks which helps me get use to Japanese sounds. I also love the leveling system it gets me motivated to learn more!!! lastly the linking feature is amazing keep it up adam

  8. I was also lucky enough to be an alpha user for Jalup NEXT. It is a very good program and the user interface is really good. The linking feature is phenomenal, the ability to look at past cards where a grammar point or a kanji appeared and you get to see that card where it was first introduced. I look forward to future updates.

  9. any news on new decks coming out beyond expert? or are you too busy with other projects of jalup next?

    • I think phase 2 is where more decks will be available beyond Jalup Expert:

      Phase 2

      ● Weakness analysis: having trouble with cards that use X word or Y grammar pattern? Jalup NEXT will compile weakness reports as you review cards to target your problem areas.

      ● Deck Marketplace: a place to create original decks, buy and sell them, all through the platform.

      ● Goal-targeting scheduling: figure out what and how much you want to learn, and have the app automatically create a schedule of what you need to learn and review to accomplish that.

  10. Alpha tester here. Was a pleasure to get in on this and use it. Here are my thoughts:

    1) Ease of use – extremely user friendly. No more having discussions with yourself about Anki “do I hit good, or maybe easy, maybe I didn’t know it at all?! Argh”. Nope, here you either know it or you don’t and you move on.

    2) Linked Cards – finally!!! The many hours of searching old anki decks and other online sources about a particular conjugation or double negative are over. Just click on what you’re unsure of and *boom* there it is in the original format you learned it in.

    3) Review Structure – So much less stressful than Anki. When I open Anki and see I have 80 reviews due for the day my heart sinks and I feel overwhelmed. “No way I can do all these and learn new cards today too.” And I want to just quit and watch YouTube videos. With NEXT you might have 80 reviews due but you never know it because it’s broken up into chunks. Example: I open NEXT and see I have 25 cards to review. OK cool, I do the 25 and then I see that my next review is due in 2 hours so I add a few new cards. 2 hours later I have 30 cards to review. No sweat, I can handle 30 cards. Do my review, add a few new cards. 4 hours later I have 25 cards to review. Easy peasy. I finished my day, did 80 reviews and maybe added 20 new cards all without stress and concern.

    Definitely worth an investment. Check it out!

  11. I was also in the alpha. After reading all this positive feedback you are probably thinking “this site can’t be that good, everyone has to be overreacting” Well I’m here to tell you that the site really is that good. Like many others I tried learning Japanese with a bunch of different methods and I stopped every single one of them. I found the methods boring, too slow or too complicated. It wasn’t until I found Jalup that I finally found a method that worked really well and wasn’t a chore to go through.

    I started with the Beginner deck before getting into the alpha and knowing only hiragana and katakana. Halfway through the deck I could already see improvements. There wasn’t much I could understand but I could understand and read some basic sentences and that was with only half the deck. Now after completing the deck (I finished just two days ago) I can read stuff like しろくまカフェ and よつばと!

    I started studying only knowing こんにちは and ありがとう but at the end of the deck I can actually read some native material. How awesome is that? Any way, I know I talked about the deck and not the site. So, I’ll tell you that all the greatness of the beginner deck in Anki is duplicated in Jalup Next.

    The site is extremely easy to use. The linked cards are great, seriously you won’t know how good that feature is until you try it. The way reviews are handled is very good. I love the experience bar and every time I see it I want to get more experience to level up (I’m a huge fan of video games). If I found a bug, it was fixed just a few hours after I sent the e-mail talking about it. I’ve been using the site every day to review and I will continue using it. Can’t wait to start with the Intermediate deck and see how much better my Japanese will be.

    So, after all this I want to say that this site is the best I’ve seen to study Japanese and the site is not even finished yet. I recommend it to everyone out there.

  12. After being on the alpha, I can say that Jalup NEXT has really helped motivate a lot of my Japanese studying. Something about consolidating my decks as well as the leveling structure helped encourage me to stay consistent with my reviews. The linking on decks is amazing. Previously, I would often get stuck on a concept in a card that didn’t cover that concept, and I’d have to furiously try and google the thing I forgot. Now that things are linked, I can simply click the grammar point or word I forgot, and bam! There it is explained. It’s also great having a “learn” option before reviewing cards. This is something I always thought was lacking with Anki. The ability to split up the costs of decks of cards is also great! It’s pretty easy to justify $10 every few weeks for new cards, where it can seem daunting to spend $80-100 all in one go.

    I look forward to a lot of the future implementation. I think this platform has a great potential to be an all-in-one Japanese resource. I can’t wait to see things like goals and dailies, and I definitely plan on sticking with this as my primary study tool. :)

  13. So the newly evolved form of Jalup has arrived.
    My experience so far with JalupNEXT has been …fun!
    It’s so enjoyable seeing the decks in this new format.

    I have to admit it took a bit to understand the formula of what the cards are asking but once you see that everything is in context (like in the real world) it becomes crystal clear and learning is greatly accelerated!

    You seriously have to study this way from now on!

  14. I made an account half an hour ago, did the entire Kana Conquerer deck for fun, and am super, super excited about this. As someone who has been studying Japanese for about three and a half years, I wish I had this kind of innovative learning tool back when I was just beginning my Japanese journey. I’m definitely going to recommend Jalup NEXT to people in the future (not that I haven’t already been recommending Jalup to other learners haha), and might/probably/definitely will make use of it when the Expert decks are integrated. (…..考えたら恥ずかしいけど、ここまでJALUPを使ってるのにデックを買ったことない (;ω;) 無料のをしか使わなくてすみません 赦してくださいぃ〜)I’m so so so excited to see where you’ll take Jalup NEXT in the future. This is the beginning of something ridiculously awesome.

  15. I believe the hype – the linking is something I’ve wanted from Anki forever.
    Is there a good way for someone already deep into Jalup to get onboard?

    For example, could I upload my Anki deck with progress record to Next and it will then let me start off from where I am?

  16. I’ve been lucky enough to be an alpha-tester and I want to say: It will really blow your mind.
    It is simple to use, everything looks neat, and it really makes you want to study more.

    Two things I really fell in love with are 1)linked cards and 2) how the review works.
    1) You forgot a old word on this new card you are looking at? Just click it and the card containing introducing that word will pop up, making it easy for you to refresh your memory.
    2) As someone who starts Anki as soon as I get up, I sometimes get quite discouraged, when I see that i have about 200 reviews for that day, even I split them up over the day.
    In NEXT it is solved way nicer: The reviews are planned down to the minute. I get a bunch of cards in the morning, do them and feel good. The app tells me they are more reviews due in maybe 4 hours, but that doesn’t bother me, as I already won the battle against the first wave.

    In the same manner, I feel like the whole design is meant to encourage you. It feels like everything is centered around the awsome new stuff you can learn, the reviews are lurking in the top right corner, but they don’t feel really threatening.

    I recommend everyone to give it a shot and try the first 100 cards. You probably won’t stop until you are fluent. :)

  17. I was lucky to be able to test Jalup NEXT. Having purchased all Jalup materials (except for the expert decks and kanji kingdom) a year before, i can confidently say that Jalup NEXT is still an improvement over these already excellent learning materials. It’s easy to use, sure. But i like that it’s also challenging when needed. Answering time is considered by the algorithm, because it assumes the card was challenging for you. That’s a really useful feature because review intervals are adjusted accordingly! (Besides, answering time is also a factor in social interaction) The way of looking up cards which you might have forgotten (linked cards, for example in kanji kingdom) is great and saves you a lot of time you’d otherwise use going through old cards/decks. The weakness analysis is another great point to be implemented into Jalup NEXT. That’s actually something you’d otherwise only get from a very motivated (and probably very expensive) private tutor. Jalup NEXT also includes a fun leveling structure, somehow like a RPG, quite useful to keep easy track of your progress. A deck marketplace? Even better, since i’m always looking for “specialized” anki decks, such as decks containing scientific vocabulary.
    I wanted to thank Adam for creating something like that, or Jalup in general and his support for fellow learners. I have been to Japan 15 times for work, but strangely enough only afterwards decided to learn the language. Now that i do learn it, i feel lucky to do it the Jalup way. Thank you, Adam.

  18. I just had a try as well.
    I guess there is no need to repeat the praises above, but anyway, congratulations. Looking good :)

  19. Alpha tester here as well. After the first few days of testing, life got really busy for me so sadly I’ve been mainly reviewing since then :S But I’ll definitely continue learning on Jalup Next. I really really like the linking feature so far! I find myself using it repeatedly in every study session and it’s just awesome and super useful. Also as I haven’t used the Jalup decks before I’m really enjoying how previously learned items pop up later on in a different context. I’ve been missing that from some other decks I tried.

    For the alpha itself it was really outstanding how fast you guys were in responding to feedback and fixing any bugs or minor mistakes. I’ve reported a few things here and there (from “I don’t like the description here” to “Help!!! Did I break something?” kind of bugs) but it never took more than a few hours until the fixes were out! So for anyone just starting out on JALUP Next, I can only say: If anything bugs you (pun intended ;) ), make sure to report it, as your feedback will be heard and it will only help make the platform better! :)

  20. Yes, yes, yes! I fell waayyy behind in my Anki reviews (several thousand cards) of Jalup decks, was depressed by how overwhelming that felt, and decided to start over from scratch with my collection of original Jalup decks. Luckily, I decided to visit Jalup for a bit of encouragement first and ended up watching ‘The Dawn of Jalup NEXT’promo video. After playing around with Next for a couple of minutes, I was re-energized and actually glad to be ‘starting over.’Join Next, you will be amazed at how fun and efficient it is–I ended up playing around on Next until around 4 in the morning without realizing that time had flown by! :D

  21. Thanks once again, Adam. I am excited to see this development…I’ve been waiting/hoping for just this sort of thing. I’m on board!

  22. Adam,

    Love how you’re always thinking of ways to make this site bigger and better. Great attitude!

    Looking forward to trying NEXT.

  23. I’m a long time fan of Jalup and have used his products for a couple of years. One thing you can count on here is high quality and attention to detail. NEXT is no exception. I’ve been using it for a couple of days, and decided to start all my decks over from the beginning. All it took was a quick email to the support email address with my receipts and my Jalup decks were added.

    The timing of this application was perfect. I had pretty much given up on Anki, it just seemed old and stale to me, and I just wasn’t excited to use it anymore. Then NEXT comes out and I’m rearing to go. Like I said, I decided to start over from the beginning so I’m breezing through my cards pretty quickly. The features on this thing are amazing, but be sure you read what they have in store for us in the future.

    In order to really create the tool we all want, they are definitely going to need our help and support. Check out the Patreon link in the post above and see if you are able to support the project. Even if you aren’t able to support using Patreon, social media accounts are free, so be sure to tell your friends.

  24. Hello,

    I purchased beginner and intermediate Anki decks previously. What do I need to do to get these purchases reflected on Jalup Next? Surely we don’t have to pay the full price for the same material twice, right?


    • No, of course not. Just send me an e-mail with your Paypal receipt and I’ll add the decks you’ve purchased to your account.

  25. Will the SRS and the future media analytics work on the specific sense of the word / grammar point in the specific context of the sentence like satori reader does?

  26. Just decided to try this out, and I am really enjoying it. The linking feature is a godsend, and I like the way the reviews are broken up and don’t pile on all at once. Plus the exploration map gamification is pretty motivating. Nice work!

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