Singing Disney’s Frozen in Japanese Using Google Translate — 10 Comments

    • I’m cracking up so hard at this: “あなたは雪だるまを構築したいのですか!”
      Thanks for sharing!

    • Right?! It’s so stupid but so smart at the same time. And even the ridiculously awkward Japanese gets stuck in your head.

  1. Haha :D awesome… Even though my Japanese is not yet at a level where I appreciate the fantastic Japanese created by Google Translate, it is quite funny anyway… Helps a lot that he actually does the singing part very well. I love the Frozen songs so I’ll definitely get back to these once I level up some more :D

    • You definitely have something to look forward to!

      And since you are a fan, I hope you are using the real Japanese dubbed Frozen songs for some studying.

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