Do As You Please! In the Kitchen — 勝手に — 6 Comments

  1. Ah… 勝手口 is specifically a KITCHEN door, lol…
    I actually found that word once quite a while ago, and I remember searching for it on google images and just ending up with a general impression that it was an exit door (which, really, would work fine, if not better, with the kanji).

    As for language enshrined sexism in Japanese, my favorite has to be

    • ? 
      Considering 乳首 (weblio辞書から: 乳房の先の突き出した部分。乳頭。) is the word for “nipple” the image results I get aren’t nearly that bad…

      I definitely remember getting “far less appropriate” image results from searching words that seemed far more innocuous than 乳首… Sometimes normal words just have really weird slang meanings.

      • haha! Maybe my japan google image search safe was switched in reverse. Wowza. I wish I only saw nipples. It was one of the few cards I’ve resorted to google images for too haha!

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