You Don’t Need to Study Full-Time to Become Fluent — 5 Comments

  1. I’d have to agree with that; I always do a lot more during the week when I work, than during the weekend… until I become TOO busy; just had 10 weeks in a row of overtime and working 6 days, and I just stopped doing ANYTHING other than work and sleep. Now it’s over so I can get back into it but this just proves all 3 situations that you’ve mentioned!

    • I’m glad you are back. It’s tough when you reach one of those truly “time maxed out” patches, and you can’t study Japanese even when you want to.

  2. I know all about this. I think the key is that if you reach a very busy patch to just stop adding as many new cards to your reviews and try to keep up with your reviews the best you can. The past two months for me has been pretty much constantly travelling (I have been at home two weekends during the past two months), and obligations have meant that it is hard to keep up with the reviews. That said, just keeping up with the reviews is doing wonders for the advancement of my Japanese, and I feel more confident than back in the summer, even though I have not added much in the way of new cards.

    We’ll see though, I have a job interview this weekend in Kumamoto, and they expect me to use as much Japanese as possible! Hopefully the jetlag doesn’t kill me (flying to Japan on Friday)! After that, I have a couple of weeks of holiday in Japan, I’m hoping to absorb as much as possible before going back to the work grind.

    • That’s some good advice about just entering that “maintenance mode.”

      Good luck with your interview. Blow them away with your Japanese ability!

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