Going from Doubt to Uncertainty to Victory to Confidence — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks for sharing Michael! I was just wondering, when you say: “and they were selling their techniques, grammar explanations and handy apps to make it easy.” to what particular techniques, grammar explanations and handy apps are you referring to? Thanks again.

    • Hey there, glad you read my post. The things I was referring to were:

      Apps: WaniKani, Skritter, Fluent U
      Techniques: Japanese Level Up, Antimoon, AJATT
      Grammar: Tae Kim

      I regret not having these things at the beginning of my journey(actually I don’t think the apps existed yet, but still…). I feel confident I could’ve learned a lot faster had I used these, but all’s well that ends well. I hope you find these useful in your own studies.

      Good luck and happy learning.

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