Dragon Ball Entertainers Travel Variety Show — 9 Comments

    • Yeah, Frieza is my favorite. Even though he isn’t as quick to think up a Dragon Ball pun or jokes as Vegeta, he really channels Frieza well. His おや are always perfectly placed.

  1. For anyone who watched the original series and hasn’t checked back in a while they just put out a couple new episodes. One of them is just Frieza talking with the voice actors, but the second one is more like the previous season.

  2. For anyone else besides Adam and I who might be interested in these videos The guy who plays Frieza in this video and the guy who plays Vegeta each have their own youtube channels. Not the same level of comedy as the series, but still interesting if you like the show.

    Here’s a link to a funny video where the real voice actor for Frieza pranks the fake one.


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