My Experience Competing in a Japanese Speech Contest — 18 Comments

  1. スピーチのビデオ結構面白かったよ!見せてくれて心と魂を込めてありがとうございます!


  2. Holy cow your pronunciation has improved! Well, I guess that’s kind obvious, but wow, you really were a beginner once. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I feel like the whole Japanese self-depreciation thing has rubbed off on Adam.
    I’d consider that a good speech.
    Though I know that feeling. You train yourself for a competition thinking you’d find epic opponents that are gonna give you a hard time. You practice several times a day, think of what it would be like to speak there? Imagining a large crowd. But when you reach there… It’s nothing like you expected.

    • Haha, it definitely has rubbed off on me. Spend enough time with Japanese people and you get a major dose of “must be ultra-humble.”

      Now all we need is an actual tournament, which I may or may not be secretly developing behind the scenes…

  4. “I got a few laughs…” after watching the video I wouldn’t consider that “a few”. I laughed multiple times myself while watching, and not because of your lacking pronunciation skills (my listening skills are way too low to actually notice that if Kevin hadn’t commented on it :P).

  5. Your pronunciation was way better than most of the people in my Intermediate Japanese class. Nice speech, I guess it’s not a compliment in your eyes, but I see your humor there as quite similar to now.

    • Haha thanks. It is a compliment. My kind of self-insulting preface to the speech was really the result of the feeling you get when you look at an old video of yourself from a decade ago (it can be cringe worthy regardless of the content).

  6. Wow, thanks for sharing your experience. You had a really good speech. In my country, there´s a speech in November of this year and I´m kind of nervous. ¿How did you do to speak in front of people in Japanese without mumbling and hesitating?

    • A lot of practice! You are going to be nervous no matter what, but try to use that energy in a positive way. Best of luck!

  7. I was smiling through the whole speech. Your Japanese didn’t sound bad to me, but maybe it’s just cause it’s better than mine xD

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