脱・辞書!外国語の本を楽しめ!(Escape the Dictionary! Enjoy Reading Japanese) — 12 Comments

  1. Despite not being able to understand most of the video, It was enjoyable to watch because I was still able to understand a little and I haven’t heard you speak Japanese before, so that was cool to experience. You even look like you have a Japanese disposition (whatever that means) when you speak.

    Well anywhos, as a response to the substance of this article, I think I will take its advice and not constantly look up words while reading manga and books and reading material that is meant to be enjoyed, the reason being there are plenty of less fun things on the internet like news articles one can sentence-branch with separate from when one is only trying to enjoy the language.

    As a happy medium point between unfun and fun, JapanesePod 101 also provides dialogues from their site and if you avoid looking at the english, you can mine the Japanese only portion for the sentences. One usually would only go to a site like that if they were studying the language and it is only a happy plus that JP101 also has relatively fun content.

    Well, Cheers!

    • Yep. It gets so much more fun that way, I guarantee it. As long as you are studying vocab on the side (either using the JALUP decks or mining your own words) then you will start understanding more and more. And you might pick up on words even without adding any new vocab on the side.

  2. [体の内側で]って聞いた途端「セクシーな感じっすね」って思った(bgmのせいです). 表紙に猫を見て一瞬混乱しちゃった。
    あくまでも僕のやり方…you little devil.

  3. I basically already knew 脱 from 脱獄. Which is a weird order to learn them but that’s often how it goes.

  4. So, I didn’t want to ruin the Japanese streak on your latest video, so I came here to note that I have extracted the audio from both videos and am inputting this into my passive listening stream. The only thing that would make this even better is if there was a transcript that I could extract sentences from! ***Wait!!!! There is a transcript!!!!!**** What I’m doing is in the spirit of Japanese Level Up right? You don’t mind me extracting the audio or anything do you?

    • Haha, I’m glad you are enjoying the videos. As long as it is for personal use, using the audio (and the transcripts I have included at the bottom of the videos) is completely fine.

  5. 32秒の部分、私のまねです。涙 知らない言葉をよく調べてイライラする それで飽きてもう読みたくない。 そのパータンを続いたら、本を読むのはいやになる。それはダメだね


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