Why Every Japanese Learner Needs Degawa Tetsurou — 8 Comments

  1. I didn’t hear of him before as I don’t watch many variety shows in general… but I think I’ll check him out :)

    P.S. there’s a typo in the titel (Testurou -> Tetsurou)

    • Not sure how I missed that :) Thanks so much for pointing that out!

      And please do try some of his work. You’ll have fun.

    • If you are talking about イッテq, they have full DVDs of most of their seasons on Amazon Japan. You’d have to look up the specific episodes though.

  2. We watch Degawa regularly on TV Tokyo every other Saturday. He has become really popular in recent years. Wherever he shows up with his e-bike in the provinces, crowds gather around him. It is true he is especially popular among younger school children, maybe for the reasons you pointed out. My favorites are also the 出川 はじめてのおつかい episodes in 世界の果てまでイッテQ! I actually keep asking myself: is this his real level of English, or is he so clever to act as if he does not know any better. But I find him none the less hilarious. For any who wants to see mor of him 出川 in the youtube window should do the job, but to see him on his countryside trips: 出川哲朗の充电させてもらえませんか is better.

  3. I’ve seen him on TV and in Commercials. I didn’t know his name. I saw him in a parking lot just a couple of days ago and gave him the recognition look. He was smiling maybe because a Gaijin recognized him and his personality is of a friendly nature towards everyone.

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