Evolving Questions To Banish Self-Doubt — 12 Comments

  1. I don’t think you can ever banish self doubt from your mind. I do however believe that you can become accustomed to it, making it but a small murmur in the back of your mind. Unfortunately the only real cure is time and experience. So just knowing you’ll be able to handle those doubts one day should give you enough of a boost to overcome them today.

    • Maybe not completely, but you can banish it to far regions of your mind where it barely sees the light of day.

      • Agreed. Also individual doubts can be quelched, but new ones will come in their place. But I definitely think you can become close to immune to them.

  2. Ah yes self-doubt. He visits me constantly whenever I am interacting with Japanese. Whispering into my ear negativity. I never had a solution for him other than ignore until now. Ahhh these articles really know how to fix me.

  3. One thing that helped me was seeing all the people in the Line chat using Japanese. I see everyone talking about the same struggles I go through, even the people who are much better than me. The other thing that helps is knowing that there is an entire country of people who speak it effortlessly. It would be pretty silly to assume that I can’t do the same thing.

  4. This is one to bookmark and keep. I just had a Japanese student expressing her self-doubts about English to me. (It goes both directions.) We can use this technique to chart a way forward for her. And I need it in more areas than just Japanese. Thanks.

    • I think often native Japanese studying English have it even worse because of all the pressure to speak good English.

  5. Perfect. My question evolved from “Can I watch this Anime” to “How do I make time to watch this Anime”.

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