Be Excited About What Happens Next — 11 Comments

  1. This article known what I am going through. I need to switch up my mentality and be excited instead of frustrated.

  2. I’m finally convinced I can do this. I also know exactly how to do this. So now, essentially, all I have to do is play a little catch up and I’m good to go. Am I excited? Damn right I am <3

  3. Yesterday, I was getting frustrated over how many old Kanji cards I got wrong. I wondered if I was ever going to be able to remember anything past three months. I’m excited about the prospect of remembering kanji for six months. I’m going to believe it can happen, current evidence to the contrary.

    • It’s normal to start forgetting kanji if you’re not using it in immersion. As you spend more and more time reading, and grow your vocabulary, the list of characters you struggle to remember will shrink very quickly.

      Also don’t forget that as a result of the above and because of how Anki works, you’ll see the kanji you struggle with much more often in reviews than the ones you don’t. So even if you’re doing great on 80% of them and struggling on just 20%, that 20% will end up being the bulk of your reviews. Don’t get discouraged by that – it’s normal =)

    • That’s the right attitude. And you can’t base things on your current evidence. It doesn’t know the future evidence that is coming soon to contradict it!

  4. For me, my excitement level increased dramatically when I started using Tobira as a study book. Very little English, if any. New vocabulary, new kanji, lots of dialog and main lesson to translate and a higher level of Japanese to learn. Every day or night I am motivated to open the book and dive into a new section or teaching point.

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