3 Extremely Funny Japanese Comedian Duos — 11 Comments

  1. Never watched any Japanese standup. Thanks Adam! Wouldn’t mind a top 3 variety shows airing right now either (just don’t put getsuyo or shiranai sekai) haha.

    Awesome article

    • You should definitely start trying to get into it. It’ll expand your ability in new ways (like learning how to use creative word-plays in your speech), and there is a lot of fun stuff out there.

      And I haven’t forgotten about your variety show article!

  2. バナナマン is awesome I love those guys. They have a podcast I listen to using the app podcast republic (great app for finding Japanese podcasts). They are also in a variety show I watch all the time with Nogizaki46.

    フットボールアワー I didn’t even know these guys were a combo. I’ve never actually seen them together for very long. I know both of them though just through variety shows.

    トータルテンボス Never heard of these guys, will have to watch the vids when I can.

    • Thanks for mentioning the Bananaman podcast. It’s a good one to listen to.

      And I hope you get some good laughs from the other duos!

    • Oh man I love HKT48 no Odekake, I pretty much watch every episode. I’m not a big fan of Sashi though, I hope someone besides her and Mayu win the upcoming election <3

      The link you posted, I first saw those guys on AKBINGO lol, they are hilarious.

      • Happy to hear that!
        I love hkt no odekake too, the girls are absolutely fun and I like how they send them around. It gives us the chance to see many interesting places in Japan :)
        Man, I didn’t want to say it, but I hate Sashihara… I respect every member, even the ones I don’t like, but Sashihara… I can’t stand her. And the fact she won the last election while Takamina was only 4th, knowing she was about to graduate, make me hate the average akb fan. :/
        lol I remember the two comedians from akbingo when they wrote a love song with a akb member, that episode was hilarious!

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