Making Time for Japanese When you don’t Feel like Studying — 3 Comments

  1. I think this is good advice so long as you don’t let your kanji practice interfere with something more important. For example, work activities may be boring but should take precedence over Japanese study (as you’re being paid for one and not the other).

  2. Great advice, this is about what I started doing! I had stopped doing reviews for a long time because it was too boring, and other reasons of course, but now starting to get back to it, I got the ipod app, and doing them while in the bus going to work, I can usually get a lot done! The only problem with that is I don’T get to practice writting them which I will need to be able to do if I go to school in japan… but it’s still better than not doing them at all haha.

  3. That is exactly the reason why I started doing Anki when I’m sitting on the toilet or when I’m waiting in the waiting room for the doctor. Even when I get weird looks dragging my mobile to the toilet (I use AnkiDroid for this.) or drawing kanji with my finger either in the air or on my right leg. XD

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