Reading 4-Panel Manga and Manga Samples — 7 Comments

  1. It’s 立ち読み not 読み立ち. Although if you google for what you want to read with 読み立ち then it’ll probably still come up with results..

    There are a lot of blogs which use manga to illustrate stuff as well, I like ハラショーな日々 (isn’t really updated anymore but you can go back and read the earlier ones, it’s written from the perspective of a Japanese woman who is married to a Russian guy, and it’s generally about the daft things that he does), and 7人家族の真ん中で (about a woman who lives with her 3 children, husband, mother in law and her… aunt in law? Is that a thing?) . Both of these are true, and the entries can range from really easy to understand to slightly challenging, so maybe they’re okay for everyone.

    毎日がママレッスン sounds interesting!

    • えー! Thanks for pointing that out. I must have switched it in my mind at some point, because checking my own blog, I used to know that last year when I found out about it. And actually, 読み立ち (the incorrect phrase) doesn’t even bring up the right results. After all, you have to stand before you can read. It makes sense.

      Thanks for the recommendations!

      • I think Japanese words are weirdly easy to say back to front.. it’s probably my most common mistake when I’m speaking (and writing but normally I have time to notice and correct myself). The strange thing is that I recognise the correct word, so it’s not like I’ve remembered it incorrectly or anything. Hmmm! Luckily people seem to understand me anyway most of the time, and normally I get told that those kind of mistakes are かわいい so it’s okay!

  2. These comic shorts are a great idea, thanks!
    I’ve been enjoying reading the パンダのブログ since not only do you get a comic, but you get additional commentary from the artist AND comments from fans. Definitely a great resource.

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