Finding The Best Method To Learn Japanese: Choose Your Fighter — 10 Comments

  1. Another similarity I can think of:
    You end up using just ONE of your fighters moves, because you initialy think it’s ûber cool, but you are actually limiting yourself and not tapping into your fighters full potential.
    For example: only Anki, only audio tapes, only Dragon Ball manga etc..

    My fighter… hmm. maybe Bryan Fury from Tekken 3, because he’s not the fastest fighter or the most versatile BUT the hits he does land, counts! ;)

  2. Heck yes, Tekken! Nice analogy. I remember playing Tekken 3 on the PS1 as a kid and always choosing the Capoeira dude (Eddie?) because it was really easy to pull of cool and powerful moves by just mindlessly mashing buttons. What’s the equivalent study method for Japanese? :P

  3. Growing up I was really into playing Tekken Tag Tournament. I really enjoyed using Paul because of his counter-attacks and I could pull off some pretty awesome combos with him. Likewise, I liked using Xiaoyu as well because of her misdirection and juggling combos.

    I’m not sure how I can relate all what I just said to learning Japanese, but hey, it’s fun.

  4. For another analogy, I’d say how grammar is like bnb combos. They’re boring and repetitive, but they’re your backbone for getting into depth with the character.

    And my fighter would be like DK, heavy one hit attacks/anki reps. Or wario, just floating and grabbing what attacks/words I can

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